Tuesday, September 27, 2016

White Out!

Last night, after I carefully measured out the very yummy Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes (1/4 cup, thank you very much) and after I the licked the spoon, I was wondering...has anyone else ever noticed that everything white is yummy yet "forbidden"?  I mean, think about it - white bread, white rice, white potatoes, pasta, White Castle.  Oops.  I know you know what I am talking about.  We associate these things with starches.  And starches are bad.  Are they not?  Some starchy veggies (i.e. potatoes) are low in fat but high in carbs.  BUT, they are the right kind of carbs.  Not the chips, crackers, cookies kind of "bad" (forbidden?) carbs.

Within reason, nothing is really forbidden.  OK, maybe White Castle should be.  But, if you want to have a piece of white bread, for goodness sake - have it.  But, have one.  Not half a loaf. It's common sense, folks.  Not rocket science.  You can't deprive yourself of all the things you love.  I can take or leave rice but I do love mashed potatoes! Carefully measured, I can have them any time I want to. 

When people ask me "oooo - can you eat that on WW?" I try not to get mad or offended.  Instead, I try to educate.  Yes, I can have anything I want on WW.  Just within reason.  

I promised myself I wasn't going to whine too much about the fact that the scale is going in the wrong direction.  Instead, I am going to focus on getting those pounds off.  Let's say by Christmas.  

Happy week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Weekend Warrior

If it weren't for the weekends, I'd be there.  I would be at goal weight.

I know in my heart of hearts, this is true.  Saturday's have always been a relaxed day...the day I weigh in and know in my mind that I have a whole week to repair what I might do/eat/drink.  Of course I am still working on losing the big gain of 3.6 pounds from the camping weekend (well, I don't know for sure if that's the only cause but that's what I am going with).  You remember - the 3 days eating and drinking binge, the loss of my mind and the terrible price I paid to play hard.

Lately, Saturday cheat has become Saturday/Sunday cheats.  Well, that just won't do. Things have to change.  And so, I made it happen.  I was mostly good on Saturday and really good on Sunday.  AND, I have kicked my own butt back into gear with exercising. 

I am recommitting myself to exercising AT LEAST 4 days a week and getting 10,000 steps a day in.  I have recommitted to honestly tracking.  I am back to focusing on my journey.  

I'm looking forward to cooler days.  Days when we can ride our bikes, take longer walks, play more in the yard.  Fall is my favorite season.  I will miss all the yummy summer veggies but will find new and exciting fall/winter veggies.  

These last 5 pounds will not beat me, I will not be undone.