Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What a Year!

2015 was my year, that's for sure!  

Let's review.  I went to the doctor on February 16 and found out that I was in the high risk for diabetes. I weighed more that I ever have in my 40-something years.  I decided right then and there that I was going to do something about it and joined Weight Watchers on February 21. 

Since then, I have found that I can be happy AND healthy.  A repeat blood test 6 months later revealed that I was no longer in that risk zone! Hallelujah!  

Sharing my success with my family was incentive for them to jump on board.  My mom joined WW in June, my sister in September!  And because mom is doing it, so is my father.  Its become a family affair!!! Each week we share our "scale and non-scale victories" via group text.  We encourage and celebrate and acknowledge each step of the path towards wellness.

Apparently, I have encouraged a few friends to also join in on the journey to a healthier life.  My cousin asked me if I talk about WW to people and I told her sometimes I feel like a preacher who walks up to people to talk about Jesus, only I would talk about WW!  "Let me tell you the ways of Weight too could live a skinnier life".  Ha!!

I have found joy in so many ways that I contribute to losing weight.  I have rediscovered my love for shopping for new clothes (sorry hubby!).  I actually like to exercise (what?!?!).  I can take long walks without the pain in my feet that I used to have!  I have found new ways to fix meals without carbs and still feel satisfied.

We experienced some events that shook our world (not in a good way) and it was the first time I discovered that I could be an emotional eater.  I had to make a conscience decision to stay away from food (and alcohol) to dull the sad emotions, knowing it would just make me feel worse.

I understand the "Beyond the Scale" concept behind the new WW plan.  Because it's NOT just about losing weight.  It's about how you feel inside and out.  I weigh a lot less but I also: feel better about myself, feel and think healthier, look better, move easier.  It's a whole package of wellness.  

As I move into 2016, I have my last small weight goal set - which really isn't a small goal if you think about it.  I have my sights set on reaching my goal weight by my birthday.  

I plan to continue to try new foods, new exercises, new clothes (sorry again, hubby!), and new adventures.  I have several big events in the coming year that I plan to attend with my head held high and with a "smoking hot body" (as hubby calls it). 

Here I was thinking that 2015 was my year.  Come to think of it, 2016 will be too!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


This is my second week on the new plan and I have been reflecting on the last two WW meetings since it rolled out.  Joining the frustrated and bewildered, I harbor no ill thoughts towards WW.  I do wish that when it was rolled out, everything was in place and worked automatically.  But, that's pretty unrealistic.  There are always growing pains.  In a month or 2, it's likely that we won't even remember PointsPlus.  

Anyway.  Yes, the first meeting was a debacle. Our normal leader wasn't there.  The poor sub was bombarded and I think a bit scared of us.  We are a very vocal group.  And active group.  New plan, different leader was a recipe for disaster.  I know that I was kind of pissy because my app wouldn't work.  I knew in my head that it would eventually but like everyone else, I was scared of the new.  There was a lot of bitching and voices raised.  I felt bad for our sub leader.  We will probably never see her again.

Flash forward to the next meeting.  Our leader was back (yay!).  People have had some time to adjust.  I heard mixed reviews.  Some people lost weight, some didn't (normal), people shared tips (normal) and then there were some who are just NOT happy.  For me, I didn't notice a huge difference in my day.  Maybe because of the way I have been eating all along, it just fits into the new program nice and neatly.  But one gal stated that "everything I eat doubled in points".  I have to ask myself, what are you eating that doubled?!?  Somehow that tells me that she's just not eating the right "stuff".  She says that WW never felt like a diet until now and that it's too restrictive.  I disagree.  

Like my leader-lady said, there is a science behind this.  More protein and less sugar promotes weight loss.  So, yes chicken breasts went down a point (or 2) because it's protein.  And chocolate went up to 12 points because it's sugar.  I think it makes PERFECT sense.  The program is designed to steer us towards a healthier way of eating and a healthier lifestyle.  

I for one, am happy.  

Monday, December 21, 2015


Christmas just might be my undoing this year.  I am struggling with my willpower.  I honestly thought that I could bake cookies and simply not eat one (or two...or lick the bowl/beaters or both). But, I am human and most humans faced with an unrealistic challenge often fail.  And, I have failed.  

This is Christmas!  So here is what I am figuring out.   Sweets, goodies and big meals are going to happen.  I am going to enjoy my season WITHIN REASON.  I will have a cookie.  Not 3 or 4.  I will make up my mind that I can be satisfied with just 1.  I will enjoy my Christmas Eve/Christmas Day dinners by allowing myself an indulgence yet still being mindful.  And if I slip up - I will just dust myself off and get back on track.  

My parents are coming (YAY!!!) and while that might have been another challenge all in itself (because in the past all we seemed to do is eat), now that they are also on their own journey's, it will be a breeze!  So, so SO proud of my parents and my sister!

I was up a pound at Saturday's weigh-in.  I wasn't devastated because I knew I earned that pound.  A lot of food came into the office and then we had a holiday party. I missed a work out.  So, I wasn't too surprised. I know what I need to do.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Before, During and Beyond the Scale


Before           During

My friend suggested that I post before and during pictures of me since I began my journey.  The before picture was taken the week after I joined WW.  The during picture is from October (I am 6 pounds lighter now).  When I look back at pictures of me (the few that are out there) I can't believe the difference.  And when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or reflection now, I am shocked that it's actually me!  I can't wait to see what I look like (and how I feel) when I get to my goal weight!

Almost a full week into the Beyond the Scale program and I'm really not finding it THAT different, other than I have 4 more daily points to play with. And those 4 points have been helpful this week as it has been a challenge.  Like the classic Christmas song says, "It's the most wonderful time of the year"...cookies!  candy!  parties!! I keep reminding myself that my goal is within reach.  

I am still struggling with eating out at restaurants that I don't know or consider "safe".  When you go to a burger joint, you have a burger.  Right?  I ordered the kids size on lettuce (no bun) and topped it with sauteed mushrooms and red onions.  But no cheese. I tried to turn a scary eating situation into something less scary.

I have to get through the next 2 weeks without losing control.  Easier said then done.  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

10 Things....

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say:

1.  Let's take a walk.
2.  No thank you (to dessert).
3.  Where are my leggings?
4.  The large shirt is way too big!
5.  Can I please have a box for 1/2 my meal?
6.  The skinnier the jeans, the better!
7.  Yum!  I love roasted spaghetti squash!
8.   I need a smaller bra!
9.   I'd like my burger wrapped in lettuce, please.
10. I feel skinny!!!

So happy to have said these things at least once.  If not more.  

This week begins the Beyond The Scale program.  It's different though I am not really sure how much so for me.  I pretty much do a lot of protein and veggies.  It's a good thing I am not a choco-holic.  Chocolate jumped more than 1/2!  WOW!

I know that once WW gets all their issues ironed out, it will be a fine program.  The focus is not just the scale but on your well-being overall.  A lot of touchy-feely kind of stuff.  Whatever works.  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just How DO I Do It?

I get asked all the time "how I do it"?  How do I?  Lots of planning. Lots of self control.  Lots of willpower.  

Always a planner and list maker, I took planning a step further by making a full menu (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) a week in advance.  I create my grocery list from that menu and total the points for each day.  This way I know how many points I have to "play" with (snacks and sneaks).  I use the notes app in my phone, my calendar and Pinterest.  I find this is makes life easier because it's one thing I don't have to think about every day.  Sure, there are times that I don't feel like fixing what's on my list.  Usually, I can rearrange the meal or switch days around.  But, for the most part, I stick to my list.

Once upon a time, saying, "No" to food was never in my vocabulary.  I never met a chicken wing, doughnut, french fry I didn't like.  Now, I am much more selective in what I eat. That's not to say that I don't eat things I really enjoy - ON OCCASION.  

This weekend we celebrated our 12th anniversary.  We went to a pub for lunch, where I enjoyed every bit of my really-not-healthy lunch.  With no regret.  And we ended the evening with a piece of cake.  Also, no regrets.  Because I have to live. Right?  Right.

After the devastation on the scale last week, I got back on track and succeeded.  Scale Victory!  I am so excited!  I am one step closer to GOAL!  YAY!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Struggles

I am ashamed.  I let myself down. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the weight gain. I know that I totally earned that terrible number on the scale.  Too much Miami.  Too much Thanksgiving. Too much fun.  I knew that I was going to be up - I could feel it.  I just couldn't believe how much. And so now, I will be undoing all that fun stuff.  It's just NOT worth it!  

I was able to celebrate my 50+ loss with my regular Saturday group at WW.  But to me it didn't feel like much of a celebration because I was up so much.  I really thought about telling my leader to keep my 50 pound charm until I was back there.  Instead, I shared my sorrow with my group, who all understand because we are in the same place in our lives.

At work, I heard a lot "oh, it happens" and "you have to be able to enjoy yourself", and "it's the holidays, it's bound to happen" and "don't worry, it will come back off" and all those things might be true.  I just know that I can't slip even just a little.  Because apparently that slip turns into a landslide. Loosely tracking DOES NOT WORK for me.  

This stretch of holiday season - Thanksgiving thru New Years - will be the ultimate challenge.  There will be parties and snacks and all kinds of goodies. During my walk last night, I gave myself a good talking-to.  I had to recenter myself.  I think my head is back in the game.  I hope so at least.  

Count down to 1 year with Weight Watchers and goal weight....88 days.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Incredible, Edible Egg

First eggs were good for you.  Then they weren't.  Now they are again.  Make up your minds, people!!  In all seriousness, I love eggs.  I eat one every single morning for breakfast.  Do I get tired of them?  Nope.  Not at all.  Think of all the ways you can eat them...hard boiled, soft boiled, poached (my favorite), fried, and scrambled. 

I saw this article in a magazine and thought I would share it.  A health benefit to eating one IN your salad is BONUS!  

An egg packs a whopping 7 grams of protein (and only 2 points).  Can't beat that.  The once avoided food due to it's high cholesterol value is once again looked upon as a positive addition to your diet.  Yay!  Not that I would've given them up anyway! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I did it!  I have lost



I had to weigh in early because we are heading to sunny Miami Beach Florida tomorrow.  I am so happy that I actually hit my 50 pound goal before we left.  And, actually, my goal was 50 pounds by Christmas!  And I did it a month early!!!  I am just so excited and proud of myself.   

With this goal met, it's time to set my next one.  And this will be the biggie - my actual goal, lifetime weight.  Of course, we are getting into the holiday's which are always challenging.  I have to keep my head screwed on tight and hope that the scale is my friend, not my foe.  With the right attitude, I can do this.  

That being said, I think it's realistic to say that by my Weight Watchers anniversary in February, I should be at goal weight.  That's 3 months to get off the 21.2 pounds that I want to lose.  I think it's doable.  Yes?  YES.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

We all have our go-to products. The foods that we know are "safe" or weight watcher friendly.  Finding the right things to eat and staying within the allotted points can be challenging but they don't have to be yucky.  I thought I would share some of my favorite weight watcher friendly foods with you. Maybe there is something on the list that you might like to try!

Trader Joe's Cowboy Caviar 1 point

Trader Joe's Blue Tortilla Chips 3 points Laughing Cow Mini Babybel light cheese 1 point
Flatout Protein Up Carb Down Core 3 points
Hidden Valley Ranch Lite dressing 2 points
Blue Bonnet Light Butter 1 point
Unsweetened Apple Sauce 0 points
Land O' Lakes Fat Free creamer 0 points
Al Fresco Chicken Sausage 3 points
Weight Watchers Mexican Cheese 2 points
Weight Watchers American Cheese Slices 1 point
Daisy Light sour cream 1 point
Dukes Light Mayo 1 point
Misson Carb Balance Soft Taco Tortilla 2 points
Hi I'm Skinny Sticks (Sweet Onion Sticks) 3 points
Stubbs Original Bar-B-Q Sauce 1 point
Schmidt 647 Bread 1 point
Perdue Perfect Portion Chicken Breasts 3 points
Barilla Veggie Pasta 5 points

Well, these are just a few. If you'll notice, some of these low point foods can be put together to make a meal.  :)

Bon Appetite!  

Monday, November 16, 2015

We Are Family!

This is an actual a text message from my mom that was sent in our family group message:  
I post this because I am also so proud that we have all decided to make life changes.  We coach each other, share our accomplishments, our setbacks and our victories.  Without the support of my family (and friends), I could not do this.  Together, we have lost over 100 pounds!! WOW!!!!  Bravo!

We are also one of those families that takes pictures of our meals and send them in the same group text.  A lot of times, we end up sharing recipes and pins from Pinterest.  Luckily, we all like to cook!  

Last week was a bit of a letdown for me.  I was up a smidgen (.2) so I moved a little bit away from my 50 pound goal.  I totally earned that .2 and know that I have no one to blame but myself.  Maybe I will get it this week.  Just maybe.  If not, there's always next week...


Friday, November 6, 2015

Bump in the Road

Last week was tremendously hard. I struggled with hunger all week. I would like to think it was because I added a Pilates class or because I changed my work out schedule. I really don't know what the deal was. Twice I had to adjust dinner menus because I didn't have enough points for what I had planned! 

I still managed to be down a pound (just .4 away from my next big goal!!) even though I had such a hard time not eating everything in sight!

So what worked last week? Well. I worked out 5 days. I stayed within my points. I was flexible in my meals. What didn't work? The pumpkin bars a friend brought to work. The bowl of M&Ms by the door. The high fat popcorn. Changes will be made for the week coming. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mid-Life Crisis?

Or just reinventing myself?  I mentioned to my co-workers the other day that I was thinking about getting contacts and that hubby is contemplating Lazik (which we are both doing).  One friend said, "losing clothes...contacts...Lazik.. are you guys having a mid-life crisis?"  I joked back "yes but without the new, younger spouses or sports cars".  Funny, right? Then I got to thinking.  Maybe this IS my mid-life crisis!

Wikipedia says "A mid-life crisis is experienced by some people as they realize they have reached a midpoint in their lifespan and experience conflicts or dissatisfaction within themselves because of unrealized goals, self-perceptions or physical changes as a result of aging or health issues".  WOW.  That sounds dead on.  I WAS dissatisfied with my physical self and my health issues!  But, at the same time, reinventing oneself is to take control of who we are and who we will become and strive towards that in a healthy way - leaving behind all that "bad stuff".  

Either definition fits. The reason for the change isn't important. I'm healthier and happier than I have been in years.  And if anything, this mid-life crisis or whatever you want to call it, has brought hubby and I closer together.  I mean, he can actually GET closer TO me!! ;)

Scale and non-scale victory last week! I was down on the scale at Saturday's weigh-in!!  And I took a Pilates class that I really enjoyed and will continue to take!  

This is my favorite season.  I take every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the vibrant leaves and the crisp air.  I love the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet!  And the only way I can hear that is to get out there and walk!  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Love this


I've been debating over what to write about this week.  I have been dealing with some pretty sad stuff lately and that's been a bummer.   I've taken great care not to self-medicate with food.  I have in the past considered myself somewhat of an emotional eater.  And I don't mean just sad emotions. People often gather with friends, celebrate weddings/showers/birthdays - all happy events - with food. I think a lot of times, people equate emotional eating with being sad.  I was sad last week.  And I had the opposite problem.  I didn't want to eat.  Hubby had to make me eat.  I had to remind myself to eat.   That's never really happened to me before.  I think part of me was afraid that once I started, I wouldn't stop.  I'm mostly back to my "normal" self now and am happy that I didn't feed my face to try to feel better.  Because I know in my head that doesn't work.  You just end up feeling more miserable.

On a happier note (yes, get on with it already, Sheri), I celebrated a scale victory (YAY ME) and a non-scale victory (YAY ME) when I went down another size in jeans and dress!  That certainly was a pick-me-up feeling and I believe now that there is truth in "retail therapy".  I got some of the spring back in my step when I left my favorite store yesterday with a bag full of goodies.  

Incidentally, my whole family celebrated scale victories this week.  I couldn't be prouder.  It doesn't take a village just to raise a child, it takes a village to lose the weight of a small child.  Ha!  It's seriously hard to lose weight.  And if you don't have the support around you, it's even harder.  I have a TON of support at home.  I have my parents and my sister supporting from a-far.  I have my BFF doing this along side me.   I also have my co-workers support.  All of these people in my life are my personal cheerleaders.  Without them, I just don't think I would be this successful.  So, if you are reading this and you know who you are - thank you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Okay So I Ate a Donut

It's not the end of the world, right?  I mean, the sky didn't fall down, I didn't burst into flames.  I lived to tell about it.  Was is tasty?  Sure. But was it worth it (and by "it" do I mean points)?  No.  It wasn't.  About half a second after I swallowed, I was still hungry.  You would think that an 8 point - yes, I said 8 points - donut would fill one up.  It did not. All it really did was make me feel icky and wishing for a re-do.  And still really hungry.

Here's the thing.  At least for me.  If I think about something and want it really bad, the only way it's going to go away is to have it. Hence the donut.  I really wanted it, I had to have it, I was going to die if I didn't eat it.  And now, it's done.  Over.  Let's move on. 

It's okay to slip up every once in a while.  As long as you picked yourself up, dust yourself off and start over.  You can't just have the attitude of "oh, well, I ate a donut so I might as well eat another" or worse yet - give up and never get back on track.  

I didn't weigh in this week.  GASP!  It's the first weigh in I have missed since I started my journey.  I had a lot of anxiety over it.  I have convinced myself that it's going to be okay.  I will be going this Saturday, have no fear.  And all will be right in the world.  At least it will be in MY world!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why, Thank You

One thing that I think most people have a problem with is accepting compliments.  Maybe it's because it embarrasses them or they don't think they are deserving of what they are being complimented on. 

For me, accepting compliments has been just plain hard.  I have had to learn to simply say "thank you".  When I hear, "wow, you look great", I just need to accept it instead of saying "oh thanks but I still need to lose 20 pounds" or "oh gee, really?  I'm at a plateau and can't seem to lose more".  When someone says they love the color of my hair I should not say "you too can have this color...for a price". I tend to say that A LOT.

For a long time, my hair was really my best feature. We joke that it's why my husband married me.  But, now that my figure has changed, other "parts" of me have become a better feature.  Take my butt.  When I was a teenager, my behind was my best feature.  Truly.  I knew this because boys told me all the time.  Of course back then I weighed like 95 pounds. But now, my hubby talks about my butt almost more than politics.  Well, not really but he does mention it often.  All the time on the elliptical is paying off.  

The next time someone compliments me, I am going to make a point to say "why thank you, I feel great".  Why be embarrassed or not feel deserving of their praise?  I worked (and still am working) hard to look better and feel better.  I should graciously accept it and keep it with me as a reminder. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Need a Plan!!

"Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy or stupid.  Those things are what happen when you don't have a plan." 
- Larry Winget

In order for you to be successful you have to have a plan. I already plan our menus for the whole week, right down to what I am going eat at every meal, every day.  I not only do that for my weight loss but also for my sanity. 

I can't really use "I've been busy" as an excuse for every day that I didn't get all 10,000 steps or that I only worked out 2 days last week. I have no real excuse.  I am ashamed to say that I kind of had the "I'm doing okay so I can slack off a little" attitude.  And what happens on the scale?? Nothing.  Not up, not down. 

When I look over my activity for the last month, I have been slacking.  And because I have been slacking, my weight loss has slowed.  Slacker.

Time to regroup. I need a new plan. Just how I am going to beat the laziness? Here is what I came up with - each day, I will take a few minutes away from my desk to take a quick walk (inside or outside) at least once;  I will make every effort to get on the elliptical; I WILL get all 10,000 steps!  

Any bets to see if my plan works??  I'll take that bet!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

How do you like me now?

Often I find myself singing one of my favorite Toby Keith songs to myself, "How do you like me now?"  I like me just fine - now. I mean I liked myself before...mostly. But I was unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. I knew I was unhealthy and overweight. I knew I needed to do something about it but was so deep in depression that I didn't know where to start. It took hearing that I was pre-diabetic to get my rear in gear.  I guess you could say that was scared straight!! 

Weight Watchers Weekly's topic last week was "What's your why?".  My health started out to be my "why".  But now!  Now, I my "why" is how I feel and look.  My why is how much happier I am and how happy my hubby is.  My why is be able to walk anywhere, anytime when I really thought that I was heading towards a crippling life.  And, if I am going to be really honest, my why is that I am addicted to shopping (The Loft, anyone?) because dammit, I look good!

My friends and family are simply The Best.  SO encouraging, so complimentary and understanding.  I need my weekly meetings and my BFF to help me along.  I could never do this without them.  You know the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"?  Well, I think it takes a village to succeed in weight loss.  

I celebrated a scale victory.  Even after being in San Francisco and not attending 2 meetings, I was down 1.8.   I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that I would be up.  Being back on track and a normal schedule feels good.  

I have some more exciting social events coming up.  A big book club meeting at my favorite authors home, a country show, a family wedding and another trip. All of which will have food and alcohol. All challenging but I am confident that I got this.  

So...How do you like me now?  

Monday, September 21, 2015

When in Rome... as the Romans do. Or in my case, when in California do as Californians do. Eat. Drink. Be Merry. I did it all and enjoyed every hateful point I consumed.  Tracking was difficult. I haven't had a banana since we left. As a matter of fact, I can't recall much fruit OR veggies. I have a feeling that I am going to be spending this week trying to undo what I did these last 4 days.

I will say, for the record that I got plenty of exercise in all the walking we did. If you have ever been to San Francisco you know what it's made up of - hills. Lots and lots of hills. Very steep hills. If you are lucky enough to find a space to park your car, you take that space and walk to wherever you need to go. Could be a block. Could be several. Could be a mile. I should have buns of steel and killer calves after this!  

It was a great trip. I regret none of it. Spending this time with the girls before they graduate and go on to their big girl lives was my goal and my pleasure. What wonderful human beings they are. 

A year ago I never could've done this trip. I never could have walked all over the city. I am thankful that because I have made a choice to better myself and my health, I was able to do the things we did and have this time with them. Thank goodness for WW and for my determination towards a better life. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Same Ole, Same Ole

Well...despite last weekend's festivities and the fact that I have wanted to eat everything insight the last couple of days, staying the same this week I consider a victory!  I really held my breath when I got on the scale this morning.  

I truly have struggled this week.  I'm not sure why I have been so hungry.  It has been super hard to stay on track - I have wanted to snack all day!  It is hormonal?  Seasonal? Stress?  Maybe all of the above?  I just know that I have had to make myself say no.

Not sure what's been up with me and exercising lately.  I have only been on the elliptical twice so far this week.  And last week was the same way.  Its not that I don't like doing it anymore but I have been exhausted after work and have had a lot to do for the trips.  This has got to change though.  I miss it.  I need it.  

I am SURE we will be walking our butts off this weekend in CA.  I am sure I will be able to make decent food choices.  I am sure I will be okay.  Right?!?

My plan for next week: plan better WW friendly snacky/filling foods for work, and climb back on the beast (aka elliptical) and ride it back into action!  Yeeeehaw!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Let It Go

I have returned from a fantastic family wedding weekend. As I thought, it was challenging. So challenging. I could've done a lot better. But I also could've done MUCH worse. The pre-wedding party was open bar and a pizza buffet. I had only 1 piece and a lot of salad. No dessert. But more alcohol than I have had at one time, in a long time. I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself.  But when I really thought about it, it wasn't that bad.

Saturday, I decided that it's okay to go off track a little as long as I got myself back on track Sunday. I just had to let it go and not beat myself up about it. I enjoyed every bite at the wedding (the food was excellent) and had just 2 drinks. I had 2 bites of cake (I swear).  I danced literally all night (activity points!!). Since losing this weight, I have a new found confidence. I ended Saturday with 21,855 steps. Holy cow!! 

I am learning that it's okay to relax a little and enjoy myself with food.  It will be okay.  

Here we are - the start of a new week. I'm back on program. I went for a walk last night even though I was dead tired and my feet were screaming at me. But I pushed myself and made sure I had my 10,000+ steps. 

Four days until my next big challenge - San Francisco. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Let's Get This Party Started

September is going to be quite a challenging month.  I am so glad I started it with a scale victory!  

Last week the teachers came back to work/school and the boss felt the need to feed them - constantly. Of course the choices were not exactly weight watcher friendly so I didn't partake. And you know what? That was okay. I brought my own food and it really didn't bother me. Wait. Who am I kidding?? I really, really wanted a doughnut. But truly felt better for not having it. 

BFF's and I went to the National Book Festival in DC on Saturday and we were at the mercy of food vendors. I splurged on a hot dog (without the bun of course) and a few fries. They were so good!! Not the best thing to eat but my goodness it was a tasty lunch. I made up for it with a low, low point dinner.  So while I might splurge a little, I still stayed within my points.  

This weekend coming up - family wedding. At the beach.  Where Grottoes and Thrashers lives.  All the smells alone can make you gain weight, I swear.  The before party is actually AT Grottoes Pizza.  Good Lord give me strength.... weekend, a trip to California with 2 of my daughters. This trip for sure will test my willpower.   

My point to all this isn't that I have a wild and happening life (because I really don't). My point is that life happens. It's not always going to be possible to be in control of food that is available. It's about making the best choices you can, when you can.  I can't stay home all the time simply because I "can't" eat out. I just know that I don't do well eating "on the fly".  It's going to be a challenge.  But I think I am up for it!  

Monday, August 31, 2015


What a wonderful weekend!  It's funny how a once dreaded activity has become my new favorite past time...SHOPPING!!  I have been having the very best time buying new clothes to show off my "new body".  And I LOVE trying on what I buy for hubby.  

I bought a pair of Levi's!  I have been wanting some to go with my new boots but was so afraid that I couldn't get my behind into them.  Well guess what?  Not only could I get into them but my behind looks pretty darned good in them!!!  Hubby gave me a look up and down and nodded with a "yep".  That was my stamp of approval.  Ye-haw!  

I'm trying not to spend a lot because I don't intend to be in this size for too long. But let's face it, I can't come to work naked so I have to buy some stuff!  Right?!  I shop the sales and outlets and discounted stores (love Marshall's), looking for the best deals. But when I get to goal weight LOOK OUT!  That's when I will spend the big bucks (not really but I won't be so frugal as I am now).  I am really looking forward to that!  

I had a scale victory!  What worked for me last week?  I exercised 4 days, I walked every day, I weighed and measured my foods.  Basically, I stuck to program.  

I also had non-scale victories - compliments.  I have loved the compliments and comments from staff who were off for the summer, who haven't seen me since school got out in June. A lot of people noticed and have said really nice things to me.  My boss likes to point out that I have "lost the equivalent of a 10 year old".  

This week could prove to be a bit stressful at work. I have to keep my act together and not stress eat (or drink). Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Let's not even go there.........

Friday, August 28, 2015

Goodbye FLSs

I am finally able to say, "Goodbye" to the FLSs.  FLS is what I called fat lady stores.  Stores that cater to the "full figured" and "plus size" gals.  I didn't (and don't) mean for it to be offensive.  Because, well, I was a fat lady.  I have unsubscribed from emails from those stores.  I have cleaned out my closet and gave away 19 - YES 19 - pairs of pants and also several shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts.  Not looking back.  Not going back.

Knowing that I can walk into just about any store and buy clothes is HUGE (no pun intended) for me.  I don't feel like I am limited to the 3 or 4 stores I used to shop in anymore.  Goodbye FLSs!  

The exception is...Victoria's Secret.  The secret is...big boobed ladies can't shop there.  Love the undies.  Can't buy the bras.  Oh well.  There are much better quality (and sadly more expensive) bras out there that will accommodate the "ladies". 

I hope to go shopping this weekend.  And I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

From Across The Pond

While trolling on the internet one night, I found out something very interesting.  Weight Watchers UK has different "stuff".  Using an app called Pocketmag, I was able to download the UK version of the WW magazine which comes out every month (unlike ours which is every 2 months)! The articles are good even though I don't understand their metric system. Losing weight and weight loss is the same no matter who you are or where you live. A long time ago, I used to buy the magazine (our version) just for the recipes.  But since beginning this journey, I read it cover to cover. Between the US and UK versions, I have plenty of inspirational material!  

And while I was reading the magazine, I discovered that they have different WW brand food!!! After making this discovery, I found that I could order some of it on!! So, I ordered a package of Caramel Wafers (just 2 points!) to try them out. It took 6 weeks to get here but well worth it! This will be a once in a while kind of treat since it took so long to get. 

I was much more mindful of what I ate this week, And I took home the Saturday meeting tracker, which means I double tracked. Avoiding sodium laden foods and reducing the amount of "treats" certainly paid off - I was down 2.2 this week (weighed in early since we are going away).  Camping this weekend so planning WW friendly snacks and foods to take.  :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Set Back

Well, it happened.  I was up a pound.  A whole pound.  I must have looked stupid standing on the scale yesterday morning, staring at the weigh in lady like she was speaking another language.  No matter how much re-assuring the nice lady (ladies) tried, I was devastated.  Never have I been up that much on my journey.  A little here and there (ok - only 3 times) but not once a whole pound. WTH?

I was in a funk all morning.  I could not shake it.  I know in my head that this is normal on the weigh loss path.  But, in my heart, I failed.  What could I have done differently?  The great thing about the WW app is that I can go back through the week and see what might have gone wrong.  So I did just that. First of all, I see where the first problem was.  2 words.  Ham and Bacon.  Both of which I cherish.  Both LOADED with sodium.  A few of the recipes that I fixed this week also called for a lot of salt.  And what does salt/sodium do?  Make you retain water (fluids).  Easy fix - avoid those foods and cut back on the salt.  I also noticed that there were a few days that I filled some of my points at the end of the day with snack foods (i.e. 2 point bars, chips and salsa, WW ice cream, etc.).  I need to regroup and make some better choices.  Get back to only 1 sweet at the end of the day, be it a WW bar or WW ice cream but not both.  

Exercise last week?  Well, I only worked out 4 times.  Ok, that's fixable.  Just step it back up to 5 or 6.  I can do that.  I did get ALL my 10,000+ steps in.  I walked every day, sometimes 2 or three times.  I need to be more diligent.  I know that for some reason last week, I was whooped at the end of the day and really didn't want to get on the elliptical.  Hubby and I did ride our bikes last Sunday and again today, which is a nice way to shake things up.  If there was more time during the week, I would like to ride.  But, for now my evening walks will have to do (after of course, taking a ride on the elliptical).

This week - exercise more, eat less high sodium foods and be positive! And, hopefully it will show on the scale.

Monday, August 10, 2015


One of the things that have been helpful on this journey has been setting realistic goals for myself.  Because let's face it, if I just looked at the big picture, it would've been too daunting and look unobtainable and frankly, probably would've quit.  Breaking it down to smaller goals allows me to celebrate the victories along the way and know I have achieved something.  Smaller, obtainable goals is one of my keys to success.

For example, when I first joined WW, the goals are pretty much set for you in the beginning...5%, 10% and then on from there by pounds (25, 50, etc).  They give you a nifty charm holder after attending 4 meetings and they give you charms for each milestone that they set for you.  And in addition to that, I can set my own goals.  My first one was to lose 25 pounds before vacation.  Well, I did that and then some.  My next was to be down 40 pounds before the first family wedding.  Check.  Did that (and still have time to drop a few more pounds).  My new goal for myself is 50 pounds by Christmas.  That's "only" 10 more pounds.  And, I have 4 1/2 months to do it.  I can do that.    

Weight loss goals aren't the only goals I set for myself.  I do the same thing for the amount of water I drink, the number of steps  I take, and how many times I work out in a week, etc.

I had a great last week!  My doctor was extremely pleased with my progress.  I was SO happy to learn that my sugars dropped and I am no longer in the at-risk-for-diabetes area. That in itself is the icing on the cake (oops BAD example - ha ha!).  I hit my -40 pound goal (early).  I feel fantastic.  OH!  And the clothes I just bought (right before vacation) are getting to be just too big to wear!  

Body gratitude was the last WW weekly topic. I have been seeing my body in a different way.  Naked?  Not so much but I like the way I look in my clothes MUCH better.  The "ladies" are a bit smaller! And, best of all, hubby now calls me his "smoking hot wife", which I don't hate.  :) 

Monday, August 3, 2015


I have determined that traveling and sticking to plan is hard and just plain sucks.  I was away 4 days on a girl trip and I had EVERY intention of behaving.  I even took my own breakfast foods.  Well.  It worked for the first day.  After that, I really felt out of control.  I kept track the best I could.  I made what I thought to be good breakfast food choices (egg white omelet with veggies, fruit, bacon).  And I was full-enough that I could get by with a snack (which turned out to be a BIT more points than I originally thought) around lunch time.  It was dinner and what-came-after-dinner that about killed me.  I even walked past the best donuts I have ever had not once, not twice but four times and didn't buy a single one.  I did, however, share a small glazed yummy donut and it was just enough.  Sure, I would've loved to have a whole one (or two).  But, just the small piece was enough (at least that's what I kept telling myself). Oh and did I mention that the hotel had mini whoopie pies every afternoon?  Flavored ones.  

Being at the mercy of restaurants I wasn't familiar with and menu choices that were limited - all I can say is I did the best I could.  I limited myself to 1 "adult beverage" a day. I found that eating foods that I haven't eaten in a long time made me feel bloated and gross and I had the worst heartburn I have had in a long time.  I was miserable.  Let that be a lesson!  It's not something I will quickly forget!

All that being said, I DID walk every night after dinner.  I DID get 10,000+ steps in every day.  I DID track everything I ate/drank.  Bottom line - I DID the best I could.  

Not sure what the solution is when you travel.  There isn't always going to be a Ruby Tuesday or Applebee's or TGIFriday's where I know what menu options are WW friendly.  I need to learn not to freak out and just do the best I can.  

I need to think on the good things that I DID and not be so hard on myself on what I did not.  Because now that I put this all in writing, it's wasn't as bad as I thought.  Hm.  How about that?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's A Family Affair

I guess my enthusiasm and success with my weigh loss is contagious.  My mom has joined me on the weight loss journey by signing up with WW.  And so, by default, my dad is following as well.  AND, my sister actually scouted out the WW center near her, which she said is in a strip mall with a cupcake place, ice cream shop, burger joint and a Mexican restaurant.  That's just as bad as my old gym being next to a Dairy Queen).  Why do they do that?!?

My parents were here over the weekend.  And usually, this could result in an eating/drinking catastrophe.  We were all so disciplined!! Plus, I got them both out for a walk.  I am happy that they are taking steps to be healthier.  I want them around for a LONG time.  Mom celebrated a great scale victory her first week (way to go mom!!).  

I went to a Pop Up Boutique party and I actually bought a skirt that was a size medium.   Last week, I dropped to a size 12 in my favorite jeans.  A 12.  I was in an 18 when I started this journey.  (This is really full disclosure, people).  All of this makes me feel so good about my new direction in life. 

I celebrated another scale victory on Saturday.  I honestly can't believe it sometimes.  I looked - I mean really looked - at myself in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw.  I still don't love what I see but knowing where I was and where I am now, WOW.  And better than how I look - I feel FANTASTIC. It certainly doesn't hurt that hubby keeps complimenting me and can't keep his hands to himself (ha ha).

I am weighing in early this week because I am going to a scrapbook convention.  I am planning to take food, snacks and water hoping to keep somewhat in control.  I will be counting on BFF to keep me straight (hear that KH??).   

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Meat and The Weekend

My husband is a meat master (aka grill master).  Everything he cooks is like heaven on earth.  This weekend he grilled a top sirloin roast that was to die for.  I truly could not stop eating it.  It was like crack.  Seriously, it was that good.  I knew how much I should've eaten (I weighed it).  But I. Could. Not. Stop. Plus we had friends over, and I took on an "oh well" attitude (living in the moment). I'm not proud of myself for getting a little (or a lot?) out of control. 

Today I had a great outing with my girls.  A winery, a brewery, and a BBQ joint (all with serious eating incident potentials).  I packed a picnic of WW friendly snack foods (and pre-tracked them) so that I could enjoy some wine.  It was such a great day and I tried so hard to not be so obsessed by what I was eating and drinking so I could just enjoy the day.  The problem with that is once I take on that attitude (much like last night's oh well attitude), I tend to slip - a lot.  And I just can't afford to slip backwards. 

It's almost like I have  Bad Sheri on one shoulder saying "oh go ahead - eat it.  You've done great so far - you deserve it" and then Skinnier Sheri on the other shoulder reminding me that I HAVE done great so far and how much better I feel and how much healthier I am.  There's a tug-o-war going on inside my brain that I sometimes can't turn off.

Tonight I was lacking half of my steps (half!!!).  Hubby suggested I just relax since I had a long day.  I was going to take a walk but it was like Africa hot.  So, instead I put on my exercise clothes and got on the elliptical for 45 minutes.  Now, I feel a bit better and the slippery slope I was on has been righted.  

And tomorrow is another day. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Losing Battle? I think NOT.

"Losing Weight is Often a Losing Battle: Researchers said the overall chances of an obese man obtaining a normal body weight were 1 in 210. For women, it was 1 in 124". This is according to researchers in the UK.

For the rest of the article, visit:

Well, if that isn't a daunting statement!! I mean, I plan to be one of those 124. But I think that's because I am SO committed and focused. But, what if someone who's head is not so much in the game saw this on the news or read it online? Maybe they would think "oh well...what's the point then?" and give up.

I know that I will never get back to my high school weight. And, quite frankly, I don't want to be that small (I do like SOME of my curves). But, I think - no I KNOW - I can get to a good healthy weight. It's my plan to get there and STAY there. This is a life change. It's not a temporary "fix".

I really believe that anyone can eat healthy and by eating healthy you will lose weight. But eating the right things is only part of it. You have to get active. I was heading towards a very crippling life. There were days that I could barely walk up the stairs. The extra weight and being inactive obviously contributed to the issues I was already having with my feet. I used to make jokes with hubby about saving for my hoover round scooter. I don't make that joke anymore.

I am winning this battle!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are home and back into our "normal life".  After WW, unloading/cleaning the camper and taking it to the storage lot, 6 loads of laundry, a trip to the grocery store and making dinner, I am finally done for the day.  OH! I did manage a nice walk around the block (making sure I get my steps in!).  

Even though I weighed in on Thursday in TN, I still wanted to attend this morning's meeting.  Being with my BFF and the Saturday morning group, not to mention our great leader, is what I need to get back into the swing of things.

I remember what another leader (Wayne) used to say..."If I could do it myself, I wouldn't be here".  And it's so true.  I need the meetings and the group that we meet with.  Just hearing that others have the same thoughts, struggles and hopes I have is so helpful.  It's nice to know I'm not doing it alone. 

My friends and family that surround me are SO supportive. I LOVE them cheering me on and I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing compliments.  It keeps me going. 

This is the first vacation in a LONG time that I actually wanted my picture taken.  I looked back at a picture from last year and I can't believe how far I have come.  I am SO much happier now. I feel so much better.  

I carefully planned our menus for this week and I think I will feel a lot more in control.  I am loading up on vegetables.  Lots and lots of vegetables.  I love summertime!  All the wonderful fruits and veggies that are available...oh yes!  I think next weekend I will go to the farmer's market.  

It may have only been a .4 loss this week but considering we were on vacation and I didn't get to move around as much as I would've liked, I am happy with .4.  At least it's in the right direction.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Last Night in Music City

We have had a blast.  I don't mind telling you that I truly believe that this is where I belong. When I stepped onto Broadway, I told Matt "I'm home". Towards the end of the week (after visiting Tootsie's 4 times), Matt said this place would kill me.  Haha!! He's probably right. 

All I all, I think I managed to keep myself under control.  It was a daily struggle.  I really really mean mean it was a struggle. So many temptations. I wanted to eat and drink everything bad for me that was in sight.  I did partake in the occasional adult beverage. I did eat a Goo Goo Cluster (over 2 days). I also went to <gasp> Waffle House. But, all these things I worked into my daily points allowance.  

Here was another issue I did not think I would have a problem with - getting all my steps in.  I would've thought that for sure it would not be hard to walk 10,000 steps or more.  Sadly, I found myself lacking a few days.  

We will be home in 2 days. I will get back into my "normal" life of controlled food and my elliptical.  Weighing in today, I was a bit concerned but I was down .4.  Not much but considering I'm on vacation, I will take any loss.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

The South

I have a love/hate relationship with the south.  Traveling down here to Nashville, we passed countless signs for Krystal and White Castle.  Both of which I L❤️VE.  I quick got on my WW app to see "what can I eat" from those fine establishments. Um.  Not much unless I want to give up a whole other meal. I didn't think using a Krystal bacon cheeseburger as a meal replacement would be a very good idea.  Apparently, neither did hubby as he didn't one time hesitate while we were hurtling down the highway. 

At the grocery store, there right in front of me was a whole box of Goo Goo Clusters. If you don't know what those are, quit reading this and Google It. Just kidding.  Finish reading this THEN Google it. Oh...I WILL be having one of those this week, especially since there is a whole Goo Good store/tour downtown - which is on my list of must-dos.  Those and Moonpies just scream south to me.  And grits. And fried chicken. And booze. And.....

Yes, this vacation will be a challenge. Our first night down here, I faced a BBQ restaurant menu with not many healthy choices.  I did the best I could without my measuring cup and scale; ordering brisket, baked beans and some grilled/boiled cabbage (which was really good). Ate less than half of the meat, a little beans and all the cabbage. I think that will be key as we continue this trip. Order the healthiest option I think I can and eat 1/2. 

This morning, I dutifully went to a WW center to weigh in. Passed a Krispy Kreme on our way.  Yes the hot sign was on. No we didn't stop. Yes I wept a little.  Is it bad that I know off the top of my head how many points is in one? (5 in case you are wondering). I was very pleased to be down 2.6. I wish I had been able to stay for the meeting (I think some encouragement would be helpful this week) but I didn't want to do that to hubby.  The leader seemed so friendly and enthusiastic. Of course, she's from the south. 

Yep...I love the south. But sometimes I hate her. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Week For Me!

Wow!  What a week!  We are now down to the "final countdown" to vacation.  The time when I told hubby that I would wait to buy new summer clothes.  And boy, did I!!!  The good news is that I got some SUPER sales at The Loft (my new favorite store) and some really cute things at Marshalls.  All size large.  I know to some that doesn't sound that great but to means everything.  After having to buy XL or XXL for so long, it feels so good to buy a size (or two! or three!) smaller.  AND!  Down a cup-size! If I could get down to a smaller bra size, I would be ecstatic!  It would be so awesome to be able to walk into any store that sold bras and buy off the rack.  ha ha...rack...get it?!  

Anyway.  Yesterday was the moment of truth.  Would I meet my pre-vacation goal?  Would I hit that 30 pound mark?  Well...drum roll...yes I did!  And then some!!!  This week I was down 2.6!!  I almost fell over!  I wanted to cry (but I didn't - well, there might have been tears in my eyes but they never fell).  I am so proud of myself and I know that my family and friends are proud of me too.  I am working so hard to be healthy and skinny(er).

Hubby asked me yesterday, "now what"?  I told him that I set myself my next goal.  20 more pounds.  One thing I have learned in WW is that you have to set small, obtainable goals for yourself.  Otherwise the whole weight loss thing is very daunting.  And that's what I have done this time.  I've lost 31 pounds in 4 months, which is pretty darn good.  So, I am thinking by Christmas (6 months), I would like to be down another 20 pounds.  I think that's do-able. So, that's my next goal.

I bought a bike!  I honestly can't believe it but I did.  I decided a while back that I wanted to take bikes with us on our trip.  At first, I was going to borrow BFFs but then hubby said that we would just buy one, then we would have them for other trips and stuff.  So, we went to Dick's, picked one out - and bought it.  Now, I am REALLY excited.  A new exercise and something hubby and I can do together!  YAY!

My biggest challenge is coming up - our vacation to Nashville.  I can't undo what I've worked so hard for but I also want to be able to enjoy food and "adult beverages" while we are away.  I just have to keep my head and not go nuts. I DO want to go to the GooGoo Cluster store because I can't be in the south and now have at least one.  I will make sure I work that into my points but I WILL have one. 

I got this.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2 Things

I did not...did.not...DID NOT want to work out today.  I came home and sat on my butt in front of the TV.  Was I feeling guilty, yep.  Did I get off my duff and climb on the elliptical anyway.  Yep.  I did.  And do I feel better?  Sure do.  I am actually glad that I made myself do it regardless to how tired I am.  Now I have a little more pep in my step.  I know, however, that I will crash hard tonight at bedtime.

Hot  OMG in the 35 minutes I was on the elliptical, I saw the Pizza Hut commercial for the mini hot dog crust pizza twice.  How disgusting.  I mean seriously?!?! Are a bunch of people sitting around tables across the US thinking of more ways to make America fat and unhealthy??  Who the heck needs a pizza with mini pigs in a blanket crust?!?  Good grief.

Count down to vacation begins today...7 days.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back In The Game

I got all my steps last week!  Yay!!  Even though I only got in 3 days of elliptical time, I still managed to get all 10,000 steps.  Sometimes, life just gets in the way.  I had to say goodbye to my scrappy friend and work was really stressful.  Everyday I thought I would come home and have a nice glass of wine.  But, ultimately, I decided against it.  I would rather eat (chew) my points than drink them.  

Last week at our WW meeting, the Weekly was all about getting happy. We talked about appreciating the little things like a nice long walk or a hug from a child.  I thought about that a lot when I was at work.  It was so hard when I was feeling frantic and overwhemed.  I tried.  I am, for the most part, a happy person.  I felt really upbeat every time I went for a quick walk around the building.  I enjoyed listening to the compliments from my friends about my weight loss.  I have been very content at home.  Life is good.

I am finally ready to go shopping for new clothes.  I really have to, actually.  My "old clothes" were just too big.  I went to The Loft and was actually nervous about trying stuff on.  I put on a skirt that was a large fit!!!!  I teared up a little.  I never thought I would shop there for myself.  I usually would go straight to the XL or  XXL but not anymore!!  A large.  WOW! BTW  I bought the skirt!

We leave for our big vacation in 10 days.  I had hoped to be down 30 pounds (which is 10 pounds more than my original goal of 20). I am only 1.2 pounds away.  It may happen.  It may not.  Either way, I am happy and so ready for this trip.  It will be nice to be able to walk around without being in so much pain (in my feet) or feel tired so quickly.  I actually want to take a bike with us! And I want to kayak with hubby on the lake! Maybe hike some!! 

Who is this person!?  It's The New ME!  And I like her!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015


So I've slipped a bit.  I didn't reach my 10,000 step 3 days last week. I thought for sure I would get them all (and more) since when we were camping.  It didn't happen the way I envisioned at all.  First, it hot. Like Africa hot.  Too hot to be walking around in the middle of the day. Hubby and I did start early on Saturday with a quick hike in the woods but it just got so hot as the day went on.  I walked when it got dusk/dark but just couldn't get those damn steps in. The campground is on a hill (a mountain maybe?) so when I walked up, my butt muscles were on fire 🔥. I told Hubby that if we lived in a place like that, I would for sure have buns of steel!!  

And I thought that since I packed a lot of good-for-me foods for the weekend, I would be okay food-wise.  It truly is hard to be in control when in a group. Oh.  AND we went to a cidery, which was actually my idea. I had only intended to try what they had new and maybe buy a bottle to take on our big trip. Wellllll.... 4 of us tasted and 4 of us ended up getting a glass to enjoy there.  That ate up quite a bit of my points (no pun intended). I can honestly say that Saturday I just quit counting my points. I know I went over.  I just wanted to forget it ever happened. Blah.

I need to figure out how to not stress out so much about what I am eating.  It's almost so bad that I can't enjoy myself.  I just love food so much and it's such a socializing activity. But then I beat myself up over what I've eaten.  Ugh.  

And so starting today, I have 5 days to get my fanny back into the swing of things.  40 minutes on the elliptical (with NO A/C btw)! and at the time of this post, 9,160 steps. Guess I will be doing some pacing tonight! 

 Here I go....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Know Your Limits

This week was busy and a tiny bit stressful. The one day that I was truly stressed, I found myself rooting around in my desk for something to eat.  Luckily, I had some WW friendly items tucked away.  But I am sure if there hadn't been, I would've eaten something I shouldn't have.  That could've turned into an eating incident!  I know as the month goes on, the more stressed I will be - closing the school year and preparing for audit always puts me in a panicked state.  I am going to really have to stay on top of things.

And, because work is so stressful, I have been exhausted at the end of each and every day.  The last thing I truly wanted to do was get on the elliptical or worry if I had all my 10,000 steps.  But, I did.  Well, except for Friday.  There was no way after having a meeting, catching up at work, and volunteering (getting home late) that I was going to get on that elliptical.  I had reached my limit.  I was done.  I got all my steps but had achieved those simply by walking A LOT.

WW was great on Saturday - celebrated another loss.  BFF did too!  It's great having her on this journey.  We help and encourage each other.  Plus, we get so many great ideas from other members.

BUT (and this is a BIG but), Saturday night, I reached and went BEYOND my limit.  I was doing great all day until dinner.  Hubby made ribs, which were awesome.  I made a WW summer salad.  I even had an "adult beverage".  But, I got carried away with the ribs.  I SHOULD'VE STOPPED but I helped myself to "just one more".  And I felt miserable.  I was stuffed.  I was uncomfortable.  And, I was disappointed in myself.  I should've weighed the meat before I even started (mistake #1).  I should've left the ribs in the kitchen instead of right next to me (mistake #2).  I shouldn't have helped myself to the "just one more" while Matt was distracted (mistake #3).  And, so I paid the price.  I felt ill, I felt disappointed and - most importantly (ha ha) - I didn't have dessert.  The saving grace is that I was still within my points for the day.

I will remember this "incident" and let it be my reminder that once I reach my limit, I need to stop.  I don't like those feelings at all.  And, I missed my WW ice cream cone. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

"The struggle is real"

That is a quote I stole from my daughter this week.  She's struggling with money and I am struggling with my weight.  Last week being up .6 was disappointing and discouraging.  But, I moved past it.  This week I was down a whopping 3.4!  Which made me hit my 25 pound mark (got a new charm for my charm holder) with a total of 26 pounds lost!!!  All I can say is "WOW". and "HOT DAMN".

My WW leader said something today during our meeting that I wrote down because I thought it was speaking to me.  "We make 200 food decisions a day".  Holy cow - I think that is a true statement.  I have been trying to NOT make food the main thing in my life.  It's my struggle.  But, I can honestly say that I probably DO make 200 food decisions a day - if not more.

So, what did I do differently this week?  Nothing much, really.  Still eating healthy.  Still exercising 6 days a week.  Oh.  I did add a walk after dinner.  Not a super long one...just around the block and enough to get over 10,000 steps for the day. Sometimes hubby goes, sometimes he doesn't.  I am getting almost an hour worth of exercise a day, which is pretty good considering 6 months ago, I hated just the walk to my car at the end of the day and only went up the stairs once.  

I was concerned about this week...had some alcohol last Saturday night (3 points worth) and 1/2 a doughnut Sunday night (4 points - totally worth it).  Moderation truly is the key.  

This week coming up is pretty quiet.  I have loosely planned our meals, which makes me nervous so I will probably tighten the menu up some before I go to the store.   I should be okay.