Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Week For Me!

Wow!  What a week!  We are now down to the "final countdown" to vacation.  The time when I told hubby that I would wait to buy new summer clothes.  And boy, did I!!!  The good news is that I got some SUPER sales at The Loft (my new favorite store) and some really cute things at Marshalls.  All size large.  I know to some that doesn't sound that great but to means everything.  After having to buy XL or XXL for so long, it feels so good to buy a size (or two! or three!) smaller.  AND!  Down a cup-size! If I could get down to a smaller bra size, I would be ecstatic!  It would be so awesome to be able to walk into any store that sold bras and buy off the rack.  ha ha...rack...get it?!  

Anyway.  Yesterday was the moment of truth.  Would I meet my pre-vacation goal?  Would I hit that 30 pound mark?  Well...drum roll...yes I did!  And then some!!!  This week I was down 2.6!!  I almost fell over!  I wanted to cry (but I didn't - well, there might have been tears in my eyes but they never fell).  I am so proud of myself and I know that my family and friends are proud of me too.  I am working so hard to be healthy and skinny(er).

Hubby asked me yesterday, "now what"?  I told him that I set myself my next goal.  20 more pounds.  One thing I have learned in WW is that you have to set small, obtainable goals for yourself.  Otherwise the whole weight loss thing is very daunting.  And that's what I have done this time.  I've lost 31 pounds in 4 months, which is pretty darn good.  So, I am thinking by Christmas (6 months), I would like to be down another 20 pounds.  I think that's do-able. So, that's my next goal.

I bought a bike!  I honestly can't believe it but I did.  I decided a while back that I wanted to take bikes with us on our trip.  At first, I was going to borrow BFFs but then hubby said that we would just buy one, then we would have them for other trips and stuff.  So, we went to Dick's, picked one out - and bought it.  Now, I am REALLY excited.  A new exercise and something hubby and I can do together!  YAY!

My biggest challenge is coming up - our vacation to Nashville.  I can't undo what I've worked so hard for but I also want to be able to enjoy food and "adult beverages" while we are away.  I just have to keep my head and not go nuts. I DO want to go to the GooGoo Cluster store because I can't be in the south and now have at least one.  I will make sure I work that into my points but I WILL have one. 

I got this.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2 Things

I did not...did.not...DID NOT want to work out today.  I came home and sat on my butt in front of the TV.  Was I feeling guilty, yep.  Did I get off my duff and climb on the elliptical anyway.  Yep.  I did.  And do I feel better?  Sure do.  I am actually glad that I made myself do it regardless to how tired I am.  Now I have a little more pep in my step.  I know, however, that I will crash hard tonight at bedtime.

Hot  OMG in the 35 minutes I was on the elliptical, I saw the Pizza Hut commercial for the mini hot dog crust pizza twice.  How disgusting.  I mean seriously?!?! Are a bunch of people sitting around tables across the US thinking of more ways to make America fat and unhealthy??  Who the heck needs a pizza with mini pigs in a blanket crust?!?  Good grief.

Count down to vacation begins today...7 days.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back In The Game

I got all my steps last week!  Yay!!  Even though I only got in 3 days of elliptical time, I still managed to get all 10,000 steps.  Sometimes, life just gets in the way.  I had to say goodbye to my scrappy friend and work was really stressful.  Everyday I thought I would come home and have a nice glass of wine.  But, ultimately, I decided against it.  I would rather eat (chew) my points than drink them.  

Last week at our WW meeting, the Weekly was all about getting happy. We talked about appreciating the little things like a nice long walk or a hug from a child.  I thought about that a lot when I was at work.  It was so hard when I was feeling frantic and overwhemed.  I tried.  I am, for the most part, a happy person.  I felt really upbeat every time I went for a quick walk around the building.  I enjoyed listening to the compliments from my friends about my weight loss.  I have been very content at home.  Life is good.

I am finally ready to go shopping for new clothes.  I really have to, actually.  My "old clothes" were just too big.  I went to The Loft and was actually nervous about trying stuff on.  I put on a skirt that was a large fit!!!!  I teared up a little.  I never thought I would shop there for myself.  I usually would go straight to the XL or  XXL but not anymore!!  A large.  WOW! BTW  I bought the skirt!

We leave for our big vacation in 10 days.  I had hoped to be down 30 pounds (which is 10 pounds more than my original goal of 20). I am only 1.2 pounds away.  It may happen.  It may not.  Either way, I am happy and so ready for this trip.  It will be nice to be able to walk around without being in so much pain (in my feet) or feel tired so quickly.  I actually want to take a bike with us! And I want to kayak with hubby on the lake! Maybe hike some!! 

Who is this person!?  It's The New ME!  And I like her!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015


So I've slipped a bit.  I didn't reach my 10,000 step 3 days last week. I thought for sure I would get them all (and more) since when we were camping.  It didn't happen the way I envisioned at all.  First, it hot. Like Africa hot.  Too hot to be walking around in the middle of the day. Hubby and I did start early on Saturday with a quick hike in the woods but it just got so hot as the day went on.  I walked when it got dusk/dark but just couldn't get those damn steps in. The campground is on a hill (a mountain maybe?) so when I walked up, my butt muscles were on fire 🔥. I told Hubby that if we lived in a place like that, I would for sure have buns of steel!!  

And I thought that since I packed a lot of good-for-me foods for the weekend, I would be okay food-wise.  It truly is hard to be in control when in a group. Oh.  AND we went to a cidery, which was actually my idea. I had only intended to try what they had new and maybe buy a bottle to take on our big trip. Wellllll.... 4 of us tasted and 4 of us ended up getting a glass to enjoy there.  That ate up quite a bit of my points (no pun intended). I can honestly say that Saturday I just quit counting my points. I know I went over.  I just wanted to forget it ever happened. Blah.

I need to figure out how to not stress out so much about what I am eating.  It's almost so bad that I can't enjoy myself.  I just love food so much and it's such a socializing activity. But then I beat myself up over what I've eaten.  Ugh.  

And so starting today, I have 5 days to get my fanny back into the swing of things.  40 minutes on the elliptical (with NO A/C btw)! and at the time of this post, 9,160 steps. Guess I will be doing some pacing tonight! 

 Here I go....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Know Your Limits

This week was busy and a tiny bit stressful. The one day that I was truly stressed, I found myself rooting around in my desk for something to eat.  Luckily, I had some WW friendly items tucked away.  But I am sure if there hadn't been, I would've eaten something I shouldn't have.  That could've turned into an eating incident!  I know as the month goes on, the more stressed I will be - closing the school year and preparing for audit always puts me in a panicked state.  I am going to really have to stay on top of things.

And, because work is so stressful, I have been exhausted at the end of each and every day.  The last thing I truly wanted to do was get on the elliptical or worry if I had all my 10,000 steps.  But, I did.  Well, except for Friday.  There was no way after having a meeting, catching up at work, and volunteering (getting home late) that I was going to get on that elliptical.  I had reached my limit.  I was done.  I got all my steps but had achieved those simply by walking A LOT.

WW was great on Saturday - celebrated another loss.  BFF did too!  It's great having her on this journey.  We help and encourage each other.  Plus, we get so many great ideas from other members.

BUT (and this is a BIG but), Saturday night, I reached and went BEYOND my limit.  I was doing great all day until dinner.  Hubby made ribs, which were awesome.  I made a WW summer salad.  I even had an "adult beverage".  But, I got carried away with the ribs.  I SHOULD'VE STOPPED but I helped myself to "just one more".  And I felt miserable.  I was stuffed.  I was uncomfortable.  And, I was disappointed in myself.  I should've weighed the meat before I even started (mistake #1).  I should've left the ribs in the kitchen instead of right next to me (mistake #2).  I shouldn't have helped myself to the "just one more" while Matt was distracted (mistake #3).  And, so I paid the price.  I felt ill, I felt disappointed and - most importantly (ha ha) - I didn't have dessert.  The saving grace is that I was still within my points for the day.

I will remember this "incident" and let it be my reminder that once I reach my limit, I need to stop.  I don't like those feelings at all.  And, I missed my WW ice cream cone.