Monday, August 31, 2015


What a wonderful weekend!  It's funny how a once dreaded activity has become my new favorite past time...SHOPPING!!  I have been having the very best time buying new clothes to show off my "new body".  And I LOVE trying on what I buy for hubby.  

I bought a pair of Levi's!  I have been wanting some to go with my new boots but was so afraid that I couldn't get my behind into them.  Well guess what?  Not only could I get into them but my behind looks pretty darned good in them!!!  Hubby gave me a look up and down and nodded with a "yep".  That was my stamp of approval.  Ye-haw!  

I'm trying not to spend a lot because I don't intend to be in this size for too long. But let's face it, I can't come to work naked so I have to buy some stuff!  Right?!  I shop the sales and outlets and discounted stores (love Marshall's), looking for the best deals. But when I get to goal weight LOOK OUT!  That's when I will spend the big bucks (not really but I won't be so frugal as I am now).  I am really looking forward to that!  

I had a scale victory!  What worked for me last week?  I exercised 4 days, I walked every day, I weighed and measured my foods.  Basically, I stuck to program.  

I also had non-scale victories - compliments.  I have loved the compliments and comments from staff who were off for the summer, who haven't seen me since school got out in June. A lot of people noticed and have said really nice things to me.  My boss likes to point out that I have "lost the equivalent of a 10 year old".  

This week could prove to be a bit stressful at work. I have to keep my act together and not stress eat (or drink). Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Let's not even go there.........

Friday, August 28, 2015

Goodbye FLSs

I am finally able to say, "Goodbye" to the FLSs.  FLS is what I called fat lady stores.  Stores that cater to the "full figured" and "plus size" gals.  I didn't (and don't) mean for it to be offensive.  Because, well, I was a fat lady.  I have unsubscribed from emails from those stores.  I have cleaned out my closet and gave away 19 - YES 19 - pairs of pants and also several shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts.  Not looking back.  Not going back.

Knowing that I can walk into just about any store and buy clothes is HUGE (no pun intended) for me.  I don't feel like I am limited to the 3 or 4 stores I used to shop in anymore.  Goodbye FLSs!  

The exception is...Victoria's Secret.  The secret is...big boobed ladies can't shop there.  Love the undies.  Can't buy the bras.  Oh well.  There are much better quality (and sadly more expensive) bras out there that will accommodate the "ladies". 

I hope to go shopping this weekend.  And I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

From Across The Pond

While trolling on the internet one night, I found out something very interesting.  Weight Watchers UK has different "stuff".  Using an app called Pocketmag, I was able to download the UK version of the WW magazine which comes out every month (unlike ours which is every 2 months)! The articles are good even though I don't understand their metric system. Losing weight and weight loss is the same no matter who you are or where you live. A long time ago, I used to buy the magazine (our version) just for the recipes.  But since beginning this journey, I read it cover to cover. Between the US and UK versions, I have plenty of inspirational material!  

And while I was reading the magazine, I discovered that they have different WW brand food!!! After making this discovery, I found that I could order some of it on!! So, I ordered a package of Caramel Wafers (just 2 points!) to try them out. It took 6 weeks to get here but well worth it! This will be a once in a while kind of treat since it took so long to get. 

I was much more mindful of what I ate this week, And I took home the Saturday meeting tracker, which means I double tracked. Avoiding sodium laden foods and reducing the amount of "treats" certainly paid off - I was down 2.2 this week (weighed in early since we are going away).  Camping this weekend so planning WW friendly snacks and foods to take.  :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Set Back

Well, it happened.  I was up a pound.  A whole pound.  I must have looked stupid standing on the scale yesterday morning, staring at the weigh in lady like she was speaking another language.  No matter how much re-assuring the nice lady (ladies) tried, I was devastated.  Never have I been up that much on my journey.  A little here and there (ok - only 3 times) but not once a whole pound. WTH?

I was in a funk all morning.  I could not shake it.  I know in my head that this is normal on the weigh loss path.  But, in my heart, I failed.  What could I have done differently?  The great thing about the WW app is that I can go back through the week and see what might have gone wrong.  So I did just that. First of all, I see where the first problem was.  2 words.  Ham and Bacon.  Both of which I cherish.  Both LOADED with sodium.  A few of the recipes that I fixed this week also called for a lot of salt.  And what does salt/sodium do?  Make you retain water (fluids).  Easy fix - avoid those foods and cut back on the salt.  I also noticed that there were a few days that I filled some of my points at the end of the day with snack foods (i.e. 2 point bars, chips and salsa, WW ice cream, etc.).  I need to regroup and make some better choices.  Get back to only 1 sweet at the end of the day, be it a WW bar or WW ice cream but not both.  

Exercise last week?  Well, I only worked out 4 times.  Ok, that's fixable.  Just step it back up to 5 or 6.  I can do that.  I did get ALL my 10,000+ steps in.  I walked every day, sometimes 2 or three times.  I need to be more diligent.  I know that for some reason last week, I was whooped at the end of the day and really didn't want to get on the elliptical.  Hubby and I did ride our bikes last Sunday and again today, which is a nice way to shake things up.  If there was more time during the week, I would like to ride.  But, for now my evening walks will have to do (after of course, taking a ride on the elliptical).

This week - exercise more, eat less high sodium foods and be positive! And, hopefully it will show on the scale.

Monday, August 10, 2015


One of the things that have been helpful on this journey has been setting realistic goals for myself.  Because let's face it, if I just looked at the big picture, it would've been too daunting and look unobtainable and frankly, probably would've quit.  Breaking it down to smaller goals allows me to celebrate the victories along the way and know I have achieved something.  Smaller, obtainable goals is one of my keys to success.

For example, when I first joined WW, the goals are pretty much set for you in the beginning...5%, 10% and then on from there by pounds (25, 50, etc).  They give you a nifty charm holder after attending 4 meetings and they give you charms for each milestone that they set for you.  And in addition to that, I can set my own goals.  My first one was to lose 25 pounds before vacation.  Well, I did that and then some.  My next was to be down 40 pounds before the first family wedding.  Check.  Did that (and still have time to drop a few more pounds).  My new goal for myself is 50 pounds by Christmas.  That's "only" 10 more pounds.  And, I have 4 1/2 months to do it.  I can do that.    

Weight loss goals aren't the only goals I set for myself.  I do the same thing for the amount of water I drink, the number of steps  I take, and how many times I work out in a week, etc.

I had a great last week!  My doctor was extremely pleased with my progress.  I was SO happy to learn that my sugars dropped and I am no longer in the at-risk-for-diabetes area. That in itself is the icing on the cake (oops BAD example - ha ha!).  I hit my -40 pound goal (early).  I feel fantastic.  OH!  And the clothes I just bought (right before vacation) are getting to be just too big to wear!  

Body gratitude was the last WW weekly topic. I have been seeing my body in a different way.  Naked?  Not so much but I like the way I look in my clothes MUCH better.  The "ladies" are a bit smaller! And, best of all, hubby now calls me his "smoking hot wife", which I don't hate.  :) 

Monday, August 3, 2015


I have determined that traveling and sticking to plan is hard and just plain sucks.  I was away 4 days on a girl trip and I had EVERY intention of behaving.  I even took my own breakfast foods.  Well.  It worked for the first day.  After that, I really felt out of control.  I kept track the best I could.  I made what I thought to be good breakfast food choices (egg white omelet with veggies, fruit, bacon).  And I was full-enough that I could get by with a snack (which turned out to be a BIT more points than I originally thought) around lunch time.  It was dinner and what-came-after-dinner that about killed me.  I even walked past the best donuts I have ever had not once, not twice but four times and didn't buy a single one.  I did, however, share a small glazed yummy donut and it was just enough.  Sure, I would've loved to have a whole one (or two).  But, just the small piece was enough (at least that's what I kept telling myself). Oh and did I mention that the hotel had mini whoopie pies every afternoon?  Flavored ones.  

Being at the mercy of restaurants I wasn't familiar with and menu choices that were limited - all I can say is I did the best I could.  I limited myself to 1 "adult beverage" a day. I found that eating foods that I haven't eaten in a long time made me feel bloated and gross and I had the worst heartburn I have had in a long time.  I was miserable.  Let that be a lesson!  It's not something I will quickly forget!

All that being said, I DID walk every night after dinner.  I DID get 10,000+ steps in every day.  I DID track everything I ate/drank.  Bottom line - I DID the best I could.  

Not sure what the solution is when you travel.  There isn't always going to be a Ruby Tuesday or Applebee's or TGIFriday's where I know what menu options are WW friendly.  I need to learn not to freak out and just do the best I can.  

I need to think on the good things that I DID and not be so hard on myself on what I did not.  Because now that I put this all in writing, it's wasn't as bad as I thought.  Hm.  How about that?