Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - It's over

We are completely dug out and feeling a lot less confined. There is still no school/work but we can go to the store. There are friends who have not even seen a snow plow! So I feel fortunate. 

Today is the first day I really had the munchies. Like I wanted to snack all day. Hubby raised an eyebrow when I was eating popcorn after lunch. It wasn't mindless munching. I knew how much I was eating.  I considered it a huge victory that there was even any left and even more amazing that there is still a SECOND bag downstairs!! Know what this tells me?? I have control. Absolute control. If I didn't, both bags would be finished and more purchased. And the new-ish box of Life cereal would be gone. My 1-cup measuring cup is never far. 

So I can be snowed in and be trusted with food. Huh. Who knew??

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - Day 4

Hard work has paid off. We were able to go to the grocery store! I needed bananas. Or I would've gone bananas. It felt good to get out for a little while. 

I got on the elliptical this morning which also felt good!! And after lunch, I helped dig out one of our elderly neighbors and dug out (for the 2nd time) our fire hydrant. It's been a lot of work but very rewarding. It feels so good to help people. 

I was thinking about a snow storm back when I was first divorced. I distinctly remember eating a lot of Ho Ho's. A lot of Doritos. And a lot of other very bad crap. How could I have done that to myself!?!

So glad my head is screwed on right now. No noshing on the bad junk!! Yay!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - Day 3

I am out of bananas. Actually, I am out of all my fruit and snacking veggies. Didn't plan that too well. I was so concentrated on keeping junk food out of the house that I forgot to make sure I had all the good snacks I needed. 

Hubby made homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot. He had to have grilled cheese (made with Velveeta cheese) and tomato soup make with milk. Roughly 25 points. I don't think so, buddy.  Not for me at least. 

12000 steps later, snow cleared from our driveway and driveways of neighbors, I am pooped. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - Day 2

Well, I had every intention of eating my usual 4 point breakfast this morning.  But we built up quite an appetite shoveling first thing this morning.  So, I made us a heartier meal.  

I'm kind of at a loss with no WW meeting today.  So, I planned to read my WW magazine and try to be inspired! Well. That didn't happen. But I did not snack much and at the end of this very long day, I still have points left over. 

The elliptical didn't happen. But shoveling 3 times did. That is hard work. If the wind hadn't been so bad, I would've taken a walk. Not an excuse. Just too damn cold. 

Starting to get a little stir crazy being house bound. Maybe tomorrow I can take a walk. After shoveling, of course. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - Day 1

Day 1. It didn't start snowing until after noon or so. I had already consumed 15 of my precious points before 8:00 at breakfast. I had a wild idea to go out since we will be homebound for several days so we went to IHOP. The food tasted great but I did not feel good most of the day afterward. I don't know why I did that to myself. I said we were carb loading for all the shoveling we will be doing. 

I am determined not to gain a ton of weight while I'm stuck at home. All day I resised the urge to snack. It was very hard. Several times I grabbed a can of nuts and then put them right back down. And this is only the first day. 

Tomorrow - being sensible and doing some physical activity (shoveling). Stay tuned. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here Comes The ... Snow?!?!

We are expecting A LOT of snow this weekend.    Some people are scared of being snowed in, like claustrophobic afraid.    And then there are the weight watchers who, like me, are scared because of being trapped at home WITH FOOD!  This storm with possible "historic snow accumulation potential" has me freaking out about just sitting around and eating.  Now mind you, the food in the house is, for the most part, healthy.   Most.  I got rid of the cookies, at least.  I have lots of snacks that are low calorie.  Of course, I always have popcorn. 

I am already thinking of what I will do while snowed in, other than help shovel snow.  Scrapbook some.  Read some.  Maybe cross-stitch a little.  Nap.  Watch Star Wars trilogy.  ALL THESE THINGS ARE SEDENTARY!  Unless I jog in place while doing these things (well, except napping).  But, other than shoveling and getting on the elliptical, I will have little opportunity to move around.  I am not a winter person.  I don't relish the idea of playing in the snow or walking in the winter wonderland.  I will be stuck inside. And this I am not looking forward to. And how on earth will I get all my 10000 steps stuck inside!?!?!? 

I guess I will have to make the best of it.  I can't control the weather.  But I CAN control what I put in my mouth.  So come on Mother Nature...show me what you got!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wanna go for a run?

Since losing all this weight, I wake up in the morning feeling good and feeling like I can do anything. More than once, I have thought to myself, "I could go for a jog". Now anyone who knows me know how absolutely hilarious that is. Why? Well, because I simply can't run. I was the kid in school who WALKED "the mile" and cried the whole time. I am not a runner. But, thinking that I feel good enough to maybe go running must mean something. At any rate, I usually lay still until the feeling passes. 

I was surprised by my weigh in this week. I didn't expect much and said so when I stepped on the scale. Imagine my shock that not only was I down but I met another milestone - 55 pounds! 55 pounds. Wow. It took a while for that to really sink in. I still can't believe it!! No wonder I feel so good!!

Tonight was my second barre workout class. I am pretty sure I will feel it tomorrow and the next day. Last week I could barely sit to pee without crying a little - my legs and butt muscles hurt so bad!! 

Pilates started back up (Yay!! I love that class). Sunday and Wednesday are my 2 heavy exercise days. In addition to my classes, I also do the elliptical. And I enjoy ever single active minute of it.  I feel guilty when I have a lazy day or if I am not up moving around.  I get antsy when I am not doing something.  This is part of "The New Sheri".  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Resolution & Determinaton

Happy 2016!  A new year is upon us and it's time to start anew.  People make resolutions every year.  If I had to guess, most resolve to exercise more and eat less.  Some might want to spend more time with family, work less, sleep more, read the Bible. Whatever their resolutions are, people start out determined to stick to their resolutions. Sadly, most will fail.  I was not going to set resolutions for myself this year.  In the past, I set them and then fail.  Why would I want to do that to myself?  

By definition, a resolution is "a firm decision to or not to do something" and determination's definition is "firmness of purpose".  Seems these two go hand in hand.    

Well...then...I am determined to continue my course towards a healthier life and I resolve to get to my goal weight.  There.  I said it.  But, this is nothing new.  This has been my new way of life 10 months ago.  So, I'm not really sure this is really a new year's resolution.  

I signed up for a new class (pure barre) that began on Sunday.  And it literally kicked my butt.  No, seriously, I can barely sit. My tush and thighs hurt so bad!  I know I have muscles that I don't use but geeeeeez! I have 9 more classes and then will decide if I want to take more.  I love my Pilates class and look forward to it starting back up tomorrow - that I wish I could do everyday! 

Here's to a happy and healthy 2016!