Sunday, April 26, 2015

This and that

Everyday after work, I change my clothes into my exercise clothes and head down to my elliptical. I actually look forward to my 30 minutes. I put on re-runs of Bones and off I go. The other day I was excited when a Weight Watchers commercial came on.  I thought to myself, "how cool".  Until it was followed by a commercial for Breyers Gelato and then Subway.  I was like "really?"  Then I thought I would count food commercials but it was too hard to concentrate. I can try to tune out the bad food ads; look at the console, at the dog (who lays on the couch and watches me), even at the ceiling.  I could change the channel.  Heck, I could just listen to music. But, I look forward to my time with "the bone lady" and it makes those 30 minutes go fairly quickly. 

So last week was Admin Professional Week.  That meant a lot of baked goods all week.  I stayed out of the back room where they were placed.  It was hard. I knew what was back there and I knew who made it. And I wanted it all.  Thank goodness we got to pick lunch and I was able to pick WW friendly food.  I am very thankful for my very supportive co-workers.  They encourage me and cheer me on. They compliment me and recognize my efforts.  I need them on this journey.  I'm lucky to have them. 

Without my friends at work, my BFF (who is on this journey with me), my family and fabulous husband, this would be so much harder.  Down 1 pound last week! Yay me!!

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