Saturday, April 18, 2015

While the Mouse Is Away...

...the cat behaves herself.  With hubby gone most of this week, I only had myself to be accountable for.  One time I thought about not working out and one time I thought I would just eat whatever I wanted because, after all, who would know?  Just me.  Right?  I kept myself in check and behaved like a responsible Weight Watcher.  And, the results for my good behaviors were reflected on the scale - down 2.8 pounds. I am so proud of myself.  

This week coming up, I am going to try a new vegetable (power food) suggested by this weeks meeting.  I plan to buy a butternut squash.  I like yellow squash and zucchini.  I hope you like butternut.  Not sure what hubby will think of it.  We shall see.  

Today is beautiful.  Going to winery with a friend. We are bringing smart, healthy food.  I made salsa roll ups (5 points) and we are bringing fruits and veggies.  I will have a glass of wine.  Planning for it.  Then, tonight I might get carry out from Applebee's. Their Have it All menu is WW friendly.

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