Sunday, April 12, 2015


Def...a state of intense hapiness and self-confidence.

That is how I have been feeling all weekend.  I was down 2.4 pounds for a total of 13.4 pounds. But wait!  There's more! I was ALSO able to comfortably put on a pair of jeans 1 size down!!  I am so excited!!  I know that not every week can or will be this wonderful but I'm certainly enjoying it. I have an extra spring in my step today. 

After going to DC this morning to see the Cherry Blossoms, I tried out the new "time crunch training" DVD that Weight Watchers has out and then got on the elliptical for my 25 minutes.  I usually take the weekend off but decided to just take Saturday off as it's errand and cleaning day so I am at least moving around.  Sundays are usually sluggish for me so I will feel better if I work out.  

Hubby is going out of town most of the week.  That means I can eat whatever I like!  Mushroom everyday!  Just kidding.  Though I will probably figure out a way to incorporate them in my meals but I just love them and Matt doesn't care for them.  Menu this week is easy and quick.  

I can't wait until the farmer markets open.  Need some fresh veggies and fruits!  

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