Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Week For Me!

Wow!  What a week!  We are now down to the "final countdown" to vacation.  The time when I told hubby that I would wait to buy new summer clothes.  And boy, did I!!!  The good news is that I got some SUPER sales at The Loft (my new favorite store) and some really cute things at Marshalls.  All size large.  I know to some that doesn't sound that great but to means everything.  After having to buy XL or XXL for so long, it feels so good to buy a size (or two! or three!) smaller.  AND!  Down a cup-size! If I could get down to a smaller bra size, I would be ecstatic!  It would be so awesome to be able to walk into any store that sold bras and buy off the rack.  ha ha...rack...get it?!  

Anyway.  Yesterday was the moment of truth.  Would I meet my pre-vacation goal?  Would I hit that 30 pound mark?  Well...drum roll...yes I did!  And then some!!!  This week I was down 2.6!!  I almost fell over!  I wanted to cry (but I didn't - well, there might have been tears in my eyes but they never fell).  I am so proud of myself and I know that my family and friends are proud of me too.  I am working so hard to be healthy and skinny(er).

Hubby asked me yesterday, "now what"?  I told him that I set myself my next goal.  20 more pounds.  One thing I have learned in WW is that you have to set small, obtainable goals for yourself.  Otherwise the whole weight loss thing is very daunting.  And that's what I have done this time.  I've lost 31 pounds in 4 months, which is pretty darn good.  So, I am thinking by Christmas (6 months), I would like to be down another 20 pounds.  I think that's do-able. So, that's my next goal.

I bought a bike!  I honestly can't believe it but I did.  I decided a while back that I wanted to take bikes with us on our trip.  At first, I was going to borrow BFFs but then hubby said that we would just buy one, then we would have them for other trips and stuff.  So, we went to Dick's, picked one out - and bought it.  Now, I am REALLY excited.  A new exercise and something hubby and I can do together!  YAY!

My biggest challenge is coming up - our vacation to Nashville.  I can't undo what I've worked so hard for but I also want to be able to enjoy food and "adult beverages" while we are away.  I just have to keep my head and not go nuts. I DO want to go to the GooGoo Cluster store because I can't be in the south and now have at least one.  I will make sure I work that into my points but I WILL have one. 

I got this.  

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