Monday, August 10, 2015


One of the things that have been helpful on this journey has been setting realistic goals for myself.  Because let's face it, if I just looked at the big picture, it would've been too daunting and look unobtainable and frankly, probably would've quit.  Breaking it down to smaller goals allows me to celebrate the victories along the way and know I have achieved something.  Smaller, obtainable goals is one of my keys to success.

For example, when I first joined WW, the goals are pretty much set for you in the beginning...5%, 10% and then on from there by pounds (25, 50, etc).  They give you a nifty charm holder after attending 4 meetings and they give you charms for each milestone that they set for you.  And in addition to that, I can set my own goals.  My first one was to lose 25 pounds before vacation.  Well, I did that and then some.  My next was to be down 40 pounds before the first family wedding.  Check.  Did that (and still have time to drop a few more pounds).  My new goal for myself is 50 pounds by Christmas.  That's "only" 10 more pounds.  And, I have 4 1/2 months to do it.  I can do that.    

Weight loss goals aren't the only goals I set for myself.  I do the same thing for the amount of water I drink, the number of steps  I take, and how many times I work out in a week, etc.

I had a great last week!  My doctor was extremely pleased with my progress.  I was SO happy to learn that my sugars dropped and I am no longer in the at-risk-for-diabetes area. That in itself is the icing on the cake (oops BAD example - ha ha!).  I hit my -40 pound goal (early).  I feel fantastic.  OH!  And the clothes I just bought (right before vacation) are getting to be just too big to wear!  

Body gratitude was the last WW weekly topic. I have been seeing my body in a different way.  Naked?  Not so much but I like the way I look in my clothes MUCH better.  The "ladies" are a bit smaller! And, best of all, hubby now calls me his "smoking hot wife", which I don't hate.  :) 

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