Monday, August 31, 2015


What a wonderful weekend!  It's funny how a once dreaded activity has become my new favorite past time...SHOPPING!!  I have been having the very best time buying new clothes to show off my "new body".  And I LOVE trying on what I buy for hubby.  

I bought a pair of Levi's!  I have been wanting some to go with my new boots but was so afraid that I couldn't get my behind into them.  Well guess what?  Not only could I get into them but my behind looks pretty darned good in them!!!  Hubby gave me a look up and down and nodded with a "yep".  That was my stamp of approval.  Ye-haw!  

I'm trying not to spend a lot because I don't intend to be in this size for too long. But let's face it, I can't come to work naked so I have to buy some stuff!  Right?!  I shop the sales and outlets and discounted stores (love Marshall's), looking for the best deals. But when I get to goal weight LOOK OUT!  That's when I will spend the big bucks (not really but I won't be so frugal as I am now).  I am really looking forward to that!  

I had a scale victory!  What worked for me last week?  I exercised 4 days, I walked every day, I weighed and measured my foods.  Basically, I stuck to program.  

I also had non-scale victories - compliments.  I have loved the compliments and comments from staff who were off for the summer, who haven't seen me since school got out in June. A lot of people noticed and have said really nice things to me.  My boss likes to point out that I have "lost the equivalent of a 10 year old".  

This week could prove to be a bit stressful at work. I have to keep my act together and not stress eat (or drink). Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Let's not even go there.........

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