Monday, October 26, 2015


I've been debating over what to write about this week.  I have been dealing with some pretty sad stuff lately and that's been a bummer.   I've taken great care not to self-medicate with food.  I have in the past considered myself somewhat of an emotional eater.  And I don't mean just sad emotions. People often gather with friends, celebrate weddings/showers/birthdays - all happy events - with food. I think a lot of times, people equate emotional eating with being sad.  I was sad last week.  And I had the opposite problem.  I didn't want to eat.  Hubby had to make me eat.  I had to remind myself to eat.   That's never really happened to me before.  I think part of me was afraid that once I started, I wouldn't stop.  I'm mostly back to my "normal" self now and am happy that I didn't feed my face to try to feel better.  Because I know in my head that doesn't work.  You just end up feeling more miserable.

On a happier note (yes, get on with it already, Sheri), I celebrated a scale victory (YAY ME) and a non-scale victory (YAY ME) when I went down another size in jeans and dress!  That certainly was a pick-me-up feeling and I believe now that there is truth in "retail therapy".  I got some of the spring back in my step when I left my favorite store yesterday with a bag full of goodies.  

Incidentally, my whole family celebrated scale victories this week.  I couldn't be prouder.  It doesn't take a village just to raise a child, it takes a village to lose the weight of a small child.  Ha!  It's seriously hard to lose weight.  And if you don't have the support around you, it's even harder.  I have a TON of support at home.  I have my parents and my sister supporting from a-far.  I have my BFF doing this along side me.   I also have my co-workers support.  All of these people in my life are my personal cheerleaders.  Without them, I just don't think I would be this successful.  So, if you are reading this and you know who you are - thank you.

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