Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Okay So I Ate a Donut

It's not the end of the world, right?  I mean, the sky didn't fall down, I didn't burst into flames.  I lived to tell about it.  Was is tasty?  Sure. But was it worth it (and by "it" do I mean points)?  No.  It wasn't.  About half a second after I swallowed, I was still hungry.  You would think that an 8 point - yes, I said 8 points - donut would fill one up.  It did not. All it really did was make me feel icky and wishing for a re-do.  And still really hungry.

Here's the thing.  At least for me.  If I think about something and want it really bad, the only way it's going to go away is to have it. Hence the donut.  I really wanted it, I had to have it, I was going to die if I didn't eat it.  And now, it's done.  Over.  Let's move on. 

It's okay to slip up every once in a while.  As long as you picked yourself up, dust yourself off and start over.  You can't just have the attitude of "oh, well, I ate a donut so I might as well eat another" or worse yet - give up and never get back on track.  

I didn't weigh in this week.  GASP!  It's the first weigh in I have missed since I started my journey.  I had a lot of anxiety over it.  I have convinced myself that it's going to be okay.  I will be going this Saturday, have no fear.  And all will be right in the world.  At least it will be in MY world!!

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