Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why, Thank You

One thing that I think most people have a problem with is accepting compliments.  Maybe it's because it embarrasses them or they don't think they are deserving of what they are being complimented on. 

For me, accepting compliments has been just plain hard.  I have had to learn to simply say "thank you".  When I hear, "wow, you look great", I just need to accept it instead of saying "oh thanks but I still need to lose 20 pounds" or "oh gee, really?  I'm at a plateau and can't seem to lose more".  When someone says they love the color of my hair I should not say "you too can have this color...for a price". I tend to say that A LOT.

For a long time, my hair was really my best feature. We joke that it's why my husband married me.  But, now that my figure has changed, other "parts" of me have become a better feature.  Take my butt.  When I was a teenager, my behind was my best feature.  Truly.  I knew this because boys told me all the time.  Of course back then I weighed like 95 pounds. But now, my hubby talks about my butt almost more than politics.  Well, not really but he does mention it often.  All the time on the elliptical is paying off.  

The next time someone compliments me, I am going to make a point to say "why thank you, I feel great".  Why be embarrassed or not feel deserving of their praise?  I worked (and still am working) hard to look better and feel better.  I should graciously accept it and keep it with me as a reminder. 

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