Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - Day 2

Well, I had every intention of eating my usual 4 point breakfast this morning.  But we built up quite an appetite shoveling first thing this morning.  So, I made us a heartier meal.  

I'm kind of at a loss with no WW meeting today.  So, I planned to read my WW magazine and try to be inspired! Well. That didn't happen. But I did not snack much and at the end of this very long day, I still have points left over. 

The elliptical didn't happen. But shoveling 3 times did. That is hard work. If the wind hadn't been so bad, I would've taken a walk. Not an excuse. Just too damn cold. 

Starting to get a little stir crazy being house bound. Maybe tomorrow I can take a walk. After shoveling, of course. 

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