Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard Jonas - It's over

We are completely dug out and feeling a lot less confined. There is still no school/work but we can go to the store. There are friends who have not even seen a snow plow! So I feel fortunate. 

Today is the first day I really had the munchies. Like I wanted to snack all day. Hubby raised an eyebrow when I was eating popcorn after lunch. It wasn't mindless munching. I knew how much I was eating.  I considered it a huge victory that there was even any left and even more amazing that there is still a SECOND bag downstairs!! Know what this tells me?? I have control. Absolute control. If I didn't, both bags would be finished and more purchased. And the new-ish box of Life cereal would be gone. My 1-cup measuring cup is never far. 

So I can be snowed in and be trusted with food. Huh. Who knew??

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