Monday, January 11, 2016

Wanna go for a run?

Since losing all this weight, I wake up in the morning feeling good and feeling like I can do anything. More than once, I have thought to myself, "I could go for a jog". Now anyone who knows me know how absolutely hilarious that is. Why? Well, because I simply can't run. I was the kid in school who WALKED "the mile" and cried the whole time. I am not a runner. But, thinking that I feel good enough to maybe go running must mean something. At any rate, I usually lay still until the feeling passes. 

I was surprised by my weigh in this week. I didn't expect much and said so when I stepped on the scale. Imagine my shock that not only was I down but I met another milestone - 55 pounds! 55 pounds. Wow. It took a while for that to really sink in. I still can't believe it!! No wonder I feel so good!!

Tonight was my second barre workout class. I am pretty sure I will feel it tomorrow and the next day. Last week I could barely sit to pee without crying a little - my legs and butt muscles hurt so bad!! 

Pilates started back up (Yay!! I love that class). Sunday and Wednesday are my 2 heavy exercise days. In addition to my classes, I also do the elliptical. And I enjoy ever single active minute of it.  I feel guilty when I have a lazy day or if I am not up moving around.  I get antsy when I am not doing something.  This is part of "The New Sheri".  

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