Sunday, July 17, 2016

On Point

As weight watcher, and having been one for a long time, I have become very good at knowing what the points are in a lot of foods. When I am fixing my breakfast and lunch, I count the points as I put the food in my lunch bag.  I have already figured out the dinners for the week so I know how many points I have left for breakfast and lunch.  And, really, I eat the same exact thing every day for lunch (at least 5 days a week).  So, it's lunch that can be juggled some.  

At the store, if I don't already know how many points are in something, I use my handy dandy scanner on the WW app. Most of the time, though, I buy the same things over and over so I know the points. Sometimes I know how many points are in something but I buy them anyway (like Fruity Crisp Oreos). Ha ha!  

Of course there are times that you eat first, figure out points later. That's never a good thing to do. It's irresponsible. But it does happen. You learn from your mistakes. Or not. But hopefully you do.  

And, a word to the wise.  Even if a recipe LOOKS healthy, don't take that for face value.  Figure out the points using the recipe builder.  Otherwise you will be in for a shock!  

In case you were wondering...there are:
41 points in the Sonic boom box
Roughly 32 points in the $5 lunch Dairy Queen

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