Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Vacation...All I Ever Wanted"

"Vacation...have to get away" (Go-Go's) 

It's vacation time! And I cannot wait.  A year ago I had a little trouble letting go when we were away because I was at the beginning of my journey.  I was so afraid of getting out of control and gaining back the weight I had lost.  

Now...I think I might have the opposite problem.  I am a little too relaxed these days.  I'm a bit cocky since I am so close to goal weight.  NOW is when I should have a tighter control.  NOW is when I should be really under control.

BUT.  But if I screw up or go off the deep end, I will just have to reign it back in when we come home and get back on track.  

My one saving grace is that I will be with my parents, who are also Weight Watchers.  That should help some.  :)  

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