Friday, July 3, 2015

The South

I have a love/hate relationship with the south.  Traveling down here to Nashville, we passed countless signs for Krystal and White Castle.  Both of which I L❤️VE.  I quick got on my WW app to see "what can I eat" from those fine establishments. Um.  Not much unless I want to give up a whole other meal. I didn't think using a Krystal bacon cheeseburger as a meal replacement would be a very good idea.  Apparently, neither did hubby as he didn't one time hesitate while we were hurtling down the highway. 

At the grocery store, there right in front of me was a whole box of Goo Goo Clusters. If you don't know what those are, quit reading this and Google It. Just kidding.  Finish reading this THEN Google it. Oh...I WILL be having one of those this week, especially since there is a whole Goo Good store/tour downtown - which is on my list of must-dos.  Those and Moonpies just scream south to me.  And grits. And fried chicken. And booze. And.....

Yes, this vacation will be a challenge. Our first night down here, I faced a BBQ restaurant menu with not many healthy choices.  I did the best I could without my measuring cup and scale; ordering brisket, baked beans and some grilled/boiled cabbage (which was really good). Ate less than half of the meat, a little beans and all the cabbage. I think that will be key as we continue this trip. Order the healthiest option I think I can and eat 1/2. 

This morning, I dutifully went to a WW center to weigh in. Passed a Krispy Kreme on our way.  Yes the hot sign was on. No we didn't stop. Yes I wept a little.  Is it bad that I know off the top of my head how many points is in one? (5 in case you are wondering). I was very pleased to be down 2.6. I wish I had been able to stay for the meeting (I think some encouragement would be helpful this week) but I didn't want to do that to hubby.  The leader seemed so friendly and enthusiastic. Of course, she's from the south. 

Yep...I love the south. But sometimes I hate her. 

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