Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Out of The Woods?

Thank goodness life is back to "normal".  My normal routine is what keeps me on track.  It's so much better packing my breakfast and lunch each day rather than being at home with limitless choices (even though they may be good for you choices).  Back to working out and walking.  I have missed my Pilates class and - yes even my Barre class.

I equate being snowed in with traveling.  Both have the potential for disaster.  And over the last 2 weeks, I have been and done both. After being snowed in for a week, we traveled to Kentucky for the weekend.  I took grapes and apples to much on in the car.  I grabbed bananas for breakfast.  I snacked on popcorn (ok so that MIGHT not have been the best snack idea but it is my weakness).  I passed on donuts at one of our stops and didn't drink any soda (both of which are "old Sheri" staples while traveling).  I considered that a victory!!

Trying to stick to plan yet still enjoy myself has been and always will be my challenge when traveling.  I tried to make good meal choices.  But I wasn't crazy obsessed like I have been in the past.  I am sure it will show up on the scale this weekend.  The positive thing is that I know to get myself back in control, back on plan and KNOW that it's going to be okay.  I  might be up this week but I know that I can get it back off with determination and my weirdo obsession-like attitude.

It's really not just the eating part when you are confined, it's the exercising, walking and just plain moving (or lack there of) that kills me.  Shoveling and doing the elliptical was plenty of activity when we were snowed in but it was the in-between time that I felt slug-like.  And of course when you are in the car for 9/10 hours, the only movement you get is when you get to a rest area to pee.  

It's only January so I know that there is still a chance we will have more snow day(s).  I would like to think that Punxsutawney Phil is right and spring will come early.  But I don't think we're out of the woods...yet.