Friday, May 20, 2016

A Woman with A Plan

This couldn't be more true this week!  Not just going to the store hungry BUT also since I was sick, I didn't meal plan or do my "big shop" for the week so we've been eating on the fly.  Which is never a good thing.

The key to good eating habits and losing weight, I think, is planning.  When I don't plan, I don't have control. Deciding mid-day what we are going to eat that night does not work for me.  At least 3 days in the last 5, I have gone to the store to get what we needed for dinner that night.  Which means I had to take in account what I had for breakfast and lunch so I didn't go over my points. What a pain!!!

Now that I am feeling much better and am almost back to my 'old' self, I can come up with my menu and grocery list for all of next week and feel back in control!  YAY!  There are still a lot of foods I am avoiding because I do not want to have a set-back.  But I am working around that.  Trying to find my limits.  I still have at least 4 days of no exercise, which IS killing me.  The minute I am able, I am back to my work out routine.  And I can't wait!

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