Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Being Told No

This last week have been utterly terrible.  "Why?" you ask.  Well let me tell you...

Last week, I was feeling poorly, thinking it was "womanly issues". I finally broke down and went to the doctor, and after peeing in a cup, blood work and a CT Scan it was determined I have Diverticulitis.  Ok, I can deal with that, I've had this before (a long time ago).  Prescriptions picked up and taken, lite diet started and I am on the mend, right? Right. UNTIL the follow up.  The lovely doctor tells me no exercise.  Wait.  What?  Apparently the meds can mess up your tendons.  Have you ever heard such a thing??  So, basically for 2 weeks - no exercise.  

I told her that foods that are listed on the "lite diet" (white rice, white potatoes, canned fruit, canned veggies) are foods that I just don't eat anymore - at least not often. Her response was "you're just going to have to cheat".  I came out of the follow up appointment defeated. In tears.  I felt like my WW world was collapsing.  Being told no exercise and eat what I consider non-WW friendly foods - I was crushed. And a bit panicked.  

I know that I have to do what's best for my health.  And I have been and will continue to do so. I am careful.  I am tracking.  I know I will turn a corner and will be back to my normal self.  Who knows, maybe this lite diet is just what I need to shake things up a bit and get these final 10 off!  Just didn't want it to be because I was sick.  

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