Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Great Weekend!!!

Ok first of all - SUPERSTAR!!  I hit my 10% goal!  I am beyond excited and proud of myself.  I was so nervous when it was time to weigh in yesterday (incidentally, we were camping and still went to the meeting).  When I got on the scale, I actually held my breath.  And when she said "down 2.4", I wanted to scream!  Last week, I missed 2 work outs, which totally bummed me out.  And, actually I was surprised that I was so upset about not being able to work out.  Careful meal planning and drinking lots of water really makes a difference.

As I said, we were camping this weekend.  Good thing about being in a small group, easier to control the food consumption.  I brought healthy fruit (from the fabulous Edible Arrangement I got for Mother's Day) and veggies and we planned our main menus carefully. I counted everything I ate and made sure I had plenty of water.  I even skipped alcohol, which is hard for me when we camp.

With camping season upon us, we have several trips planned already.  I know that when we go with our bigger group, it might be harder.  I will make sure that I pack lots of really good-for-me foods. But, I know what we usually eat and it will be extrememly difficult to stay on plan.  Seeems silly to worry about this already - it's weeks away.  But, I think this is my life now.

Happy Mother's Day!

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