Sunday, May 3, 2015

Exercise is the new norm

Last summer, hubby and I bought a nice elliptical. We didn't want to buy something cheap that we would hate so we shopped around and got the best we could afford.  We used it after it was delivered...sporatically.  I have Morton's Neuroma which causes pain and numbness so it was hard for me to do a lot.  Then, last fall, I had ankle surgey. Recovery was easy and I felt better.  So, when I started back on the elliptical (which I started when I started WW in February), I had to start slow.  15 minutes every other day...wasn't much but it was a start.  I got excited when I was up to 1/2 a mile!  By the middle of March, I was up to 20 minutes 3 times a week.  Then, I was up to 5 days a week!  And I increased my time by 5 minutes, which added 25 minutes to my weekly workouts.  Man, I was feeling GOOD.  Now....

...Now I am up to 35 minutes a day, 6 days a week and I feel AWESOME.  Now, when I look at the distance, I am happy to see that I have gone over a 1 1/2 miles!  I am sweaty and out of breath but my goodness do I feel good.  I never thought I would be excited about exercising.  But I look forward to it every day. 

I am trying to get in at least 8,000 steps (BTW, have I mentioned I love my Fitbit?!?).  Use to be that weekends were sluggish.  Not anymore.  Over 9,000 steps both yesterday and today!  YAY!!!  Corina challenged me to making sure I have at least 8,000 steps every day.  Challenge excepted.  

My own next challenge - use the resistance band I bought more than once a week (and without hurting myself).  

Stay tuned....

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