Monday, May 18, 2015

Full Dislosure

I am losing weight for myself.  I want to be healthy - I want to be around for a long time, I want to be an active grandma (whenever that might occur), I don't want to be a diabetic or unable to walk around without help.  Anyway, I really am doing this for myself.  But, I have to say that hubby's attention is wonderful.  And hearing the compliments at work and by friends just encourages me more and more to keep on this track.  

Now, I am starting to think more about the future. I want to be 30 pounds lighter for this years vacation (almost there!). I want to look good at the family weddings we have coming up this fall.  I want to look awesome for The Kid's graduation next year (a sort of in-your-face to the ex).  I want to be smokin' hot for my 30th high school reunion. I want hubby to keep being attracted to me and my body.  I have my eye on the pie (so to speak).  I know that I will never be the size 2 I once was but I will get to a reasonable size and stay there.  

Today, I bought a pair of jean capris - size 14.  And, my God, they fit.  I'm not going to lie.  I cried.  I can't believe it.  A few months ago, my jeans were size 18.  18.  18.  I cannot go back there.  Truly, I can't.  

So, I am going to keep on keeping on.  

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