Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's A Family Affair

I guess my enthusiasm and success with my weigh loss is contagious.  My mom has joined me on the weight loss journey by signing up with WW.  And so, by default, my dad is following as well.  AND, my sister actually scouted out the WW center near her, which she said is in a strip mall with a cupcake place, ice cream shop, burger joint and a Mexican restaurant.  That's just as bad as my old gym being next to a Dairy Queen).  Why do they do that?!?

My parents were here over the weekend.  And usually, this could result in an eating/drinking catastrophe.  We were all so disciplined!! Plus, I got them both out for a walk.  I am happy that they are taking steps to be healthier.  I want them around for a LONG time.  Mom celebrated a great scale victory her first week (way to go mom!!).  

I went to a Pop Up Boutique party and I actually bought a skirt that was a size medium.   Last week, I dropped to a size 12 in my favorite jeans.  A 12.  I was in an 18 when I started this journey.  (This is really full disclosure, people).  All of this makes me feel so good about my new direction in life. 

I celebrated another scale victory on Saturday.  I honestly can't believe it sometimes.  I looked - I mean really looked - at myself in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw.  I still don't love what I see but knowing where I was and where I am now, WOW.  And better than how I look - I feel FANTASTIC. It certainly doesn't hurt that hubby keeps complimenting me and can't keep his hands to himself (ha ha).

I am weighing in early this week because I am going to a scrapbook convention.  I am planning to take food, snacks and water hoping to keep somewhat in control.  I will be counting on BFF to keep me straight (hear that KH??).   

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