Friday, July 17, 2015

Losing Battle? I think NOT.

"Losing Weight is Often a Losing Battle: Researchers said the overall chances of an obese man obtaining a normal body weight were 1 in 210. For women, it was 1 in 124". This is according to researchers in the UK.

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Well, if that isn't a daunting statement!! I mean, I plan to be one of those 124. But I think that's because I am SO committed and focused. But, what if someone who's head is not so much in the game saw this on the news or read it online? Maybe they would think "oh well...what's the point then?" and give up.

I know that I will never get back to my high school weight. And, quite frankly, I don't want to be that small (I do like SOME of my curves). But, I think - no I KNOW - I can get to a good healthy weight. It's my plan to get there and STAY there. This is a life change. It's not a temporary "fix".

I really believe that anyone can eat healthy and by eating healthy you will lose weight. But eating the right things is only part of it. You have to get active. I was heading towards a very crippling life. There were days that I could barely walk up the stairs. The extra weight and being inactive obviously contributed to the issues I was already having with my feet. I used to make jokes with hubby about saving for my hoover round scooter. I don't make that joke anymore.

I am winning this battle!

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