Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mid-Life Crisis?

Or just reinventing myself?  I mentioned to my co-workers the other day that I was thinking about getting contacts and that hubby is contemplating Lazik (which we are both doing).  One friend said, "losing weight...new clothes...contacts...Lazik.. are you guys having a mid-life crisis?"  I joked back "yes but without the new, younger spouses or sports cars".  Funny, right? Then I got to thinking.  Maybe this IS my mid-life crisis!

Wikipedia says "A mid-life crisis is experienced by some people as they realize they have reached a midpoint in their lifespan and experience conflicts or dissatisfaction within themselves because of unrealized goals, self-perceptions or physical changes as a result of aging or health issues".  WOW.  That sounds dead on.  I WAS dissatisfied with my physical self and my health issues!  But, at the same time, reinventing oneself is to take control of who we are and who we will become and strive towards that in a healthy way - leaving behind all that "bad stuff".  

Either definition fits. The reason for the change isn't important. I'm healthier and happier than I have been in years.  And if anything, this mid-life crisis or whatever you want to call it, has brought hubby and I closer together.  I mean, he can actually GET closer TO me!! ;)

Scale and non-scale victory last week! I was down on the scale at Saturday's weigh-in!!  And I took a Pilates class that I really enjoyed and will continue to take!  

This is my favorite season.  I take every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the vibrant leaves and the crisp air.  I love the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet!  And the only way I can hear that is to get out there and walk!  

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