Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I did it!  I have lost



I had to weigh in early because we are heading to sunny Miami Beach Florida tomorrow.  I am so happy that I actually hit my 50 pound goal before we left.  And, actually, my goal was 50 pounds by Christmas!  And I did it a month early!!!  I am just so excited and proud of myself.   

With this goal met, it's time to set my next one.  And this will be the biggie - my actual goal, lifetime weight.  Of course, we are getting into the holiday's which are always challenging.  I have to keep my head screwed on tight and hope that the scale is my friend, not my foe.  With the right attitude, I can do this.  

That being said, I think it's realistic to say that by my Weight Watchers anniversary in February, I should be at goal weight.  That's 3 months to get off the 21.2 pounds that I want to lose.  I think it's doable.  Yes?  YES.


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