Tuesday, December 22, 2015


This is my second week on the new plan and I have been reflecting on the last two WW meetings since it rolled out.  Joining the frustrated and bewildered, I harbor no ill thoughts towards WW.  I do wish that when it was rolled out, everything was in place and worked automatically.  But, that's pretty unrealistic.  There are always growing pains.  In a month or 2, it's likely that we won't even remember PointsPlus.  

Anyway.  Yes, the first meeting was a debacle. Our normal leader wasn't there.  The poor sub was bombarded and I think a bit scared of us.  We are a very vocal group.  And active group.  New plan, different leader was a recipe for disaster.  I know that I was kind of pissy because my app wouldn't work.  I knew in my head that it would eventually but like everyone else, I was scared of the new.  There was a lot of bitching and voices raised.  I felt bad for our sub leader.  We will probably never see her again.

Flash forward to the next meeting.  Our leader was back (yay!).  People have had some time to adjust.  I heard mixed reviews.  Some people lost weight, some didn't (normal), people shared tips (normal) and then there were some who are just NOT happy.  For me, I didn't notice a huge difference in my day.  Maybe because of the way I have been eating all along, it just fits into the new program nice and neatly.  But one gal stated that "everything I eat doubled in points".  I have to ask myself, what are you eating that doubled?!?  Somehow that tells me that she's just not eating the right "stuff".  She says that WW never felt like a diet until now and that it's too restrictive.  I disagree.  

Like my leader-lady said, there is a science behind this.  More protein and less sugar promotes weight loss.  So, yes chicken breasts went down a point (or 2) because it's protein.  And chocolate went up to 12 points because it's sugar.  I think it makes PERFECT sense.  The program is designed to steer us towards a healthier way of eating and a healthier lifestyle.  

I for one, am happy.  

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